Governor Walker has invested more money into Medicaid programs like Badgercare than any previous governor. Governor Walker is moving Wisconsin forward.



MyHairIsAbnormal says:

Mr. Walker is so smart and full of knowledge. I love him so much. Such an intelligent and thoughtful man who has never lied, or done anything wrong before. He’s almost saintly. So full of goodness and mind, so very very very very full of it.

MetalEdge56 says:

Walker is a lying sack of monkey shit

theamericanathiest says:

yeah sure my mom is on medicade right now and the are denying her care and she has lekimia so great job with heath care

Cire retsof says:

just shut up

Waterwind44 says:

politico com / news / stories / 0112/71505 “Walker stops healthcare to take $37 Million grant from ACA Fed HC Grant. Walker “holds on to it instead'” Follow RightWingWatchMA on Twitter for the Facts. Get Tom Barrett in office JUNE Recall. Get your Money Back

Waterwind44 says:

Walker Stole the State’s Grant for Healthcare & Used it to combat jobs, unions, teachers. Get the facts at Politico “Scott Walker’s health care dilemma” He failed WI on jobs, on healthcare, on women’s rights, on equal pay, on education- recall the thief this June. Get WI it’s jobs, health, equality, and money back

Matthew Mecklenberg says:

by saying “programs like this” he can get away with saying this and not have to provide any real facts.

handymandan100 says:

A BILLION DOLLARS!!! Really? Are you sure it wasn’t the Instagram guys who invested that much? I hear they had it layin’ around… I would believe that more than this doofus.

barbtube01 says:

GOD, it’s just amazing Walker can keep om telling lies with a straight face.

DillonDee1 says:

There was so much bullcrap flowing out of mouth I had to roll up my pants legs!

coltor9 says:

Romney and Walkerare no job creators. Romney, tanked Massachucetts to #47. He’s a vulture capitalist. Bankrupts companies and ships the American jobs overseas to India and Mexico, firing everyone and then making taxpayers pick up the unemployment, food stamps, Medicaid, and retirement benefits that the fired workers receive. Walker, is tanking Wisconsin.
These guys are BUMS!
Vote out the entire GOP as this is their so called job’s plan

Johnny Pissoff says:

haha charade you are

Kyle Maichle says:

While IL is cutting Medicaid to the bone, WI does it right with Walker.

Matthew Mecklenberg says:

if you are investing more money into badgercare why are people getting forced off it? shouldn’t WI use badgercare to lower costs of healthcare for the rest of the taxpayers?

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