Health Care is NOT a Human Right

Health Care is NOT a Human Right

Too many Americans wrongly see health care as a right. Health care is not a right because it requires something from other people. “Like” me on Facebook: htt…



Eduardo Ramos says:

I thought this was obvious, but now with the dislikes and some comments I
see people are mores stupid than what I thought.

Meda oone says:

Well, if you are talking bout it on a legal stand point sure but on a moral
standpoint I couldn’t disagree more and even more when it’s in regards to a
healthy and powerful nation. Look at every western countries (except us)
when it comes to universal education and healthcare. They live longer,
healthier, spend less and their kids are kicking our ass in world wide
testing. The most recent tests had us fall again while Russia and China
rises against us and beat us. Making all these things a privilege only
reduces our national strength less our most powerful and intelligent 1% are
planning on holding back the rest of the world. 

piperboy350 says:

another thing that she is not telling you because she is in favor of big
insurance companies is that you are paying for the health care. The
government is in giving anybody anything for free. The money that was going
to be missappropriated anyway is going to be used towards giving you
coverage. Another thing is that just because people are going to have
health care doesn’t mean they’re just going to hang out in a hospital. She
wants sick people who do not have the same opportunities as her to die off

HiiPPi3 says:

you have a right to life, but life is enabled by the doctor who saves you,
so by implication, medical care is too. Also, if you are not in the
position to earn enough money to afford medical attention because of a
medical condition you have, then that means that you are doomed because of
a situation where often no one but your (social, natural, historical…)
environment bears responsibility. And that environment is partly
responsibility of the state. Which means you dying because you can’t afford
medical attention is the states fault.

The same goes for education, you can’t have something that even reassembles
free will or free press or the right to express your own opinion, if you
have no basis to build your opinion on. You might say now: “yeah, but what
does school have to do with that? I can have opinions about stuff even if i
don’t know about it in detail, and so on and so forth…” Glad you asked.
Being educated and knowing about how things work and what happens in the
world, is a *necessary* prerogative of being able to form an opinion. This
might make more sense if you imagine a person who lived in an isolated cell
his/her whole life and comes out blind and deaf. How is he or she able to
express a free, unconditioned, meaningful opinion about the outside world
without knowing about it? They won’t. Now, we are not deaf or blind and we
can perceive things. But by far not so well on our own as we could with the
appropriate help. You can never imagine how a star looks like without a
telescope or what a microbe is without a microscope, even less understand
how a computer works, what Afghanistan is and why your military is there or
even who or what you are voting for. That’s what education is for.

That being said, i realize how lucky i am to live in a country where,
regardless of how corrupt, bad and egoistical our government is (a lot, i
can tell you), we still have free education up until 19 years (just before
we start uni), free basic healthcare, and all the benefits attached to it.

Remingtone Taber says:

The main problem I have with a healthcare system is that once the
government has control of the system what will come next? Will they justify
making junk food illegal because they’re the ones in charge of your health?
Even if they arn’t made illegal they could justify raising taxes on
specific products in the name of healthcare. Forcing people to pay into a
system they don’t want to will chase away the prosperous. France is a
perfect example of this.

piperboy350 says:

Before you guys go rushing to judgment just remember this. She is a healthy
woman that probably has never dealt with a major illness or going without.
She’s adding her videos on an expensive MacBook Pro with a high quality
digital camera. A large portion of America can’t even afford that gear.
Just think about it. Who is this girl really speaking for? She is speaking
for the haves. 

esseserve says:

Yeah, I bet if you need a heart transplant you will be sayig the same thing
” A heart transplant, will make me pretty happy…”

SailorSaturn69 says:

LOLz, you should consider a career in comedy.

Jason Gafar says:

How can an exotic foreign car possibly be compared, or for that matter even
mentioned, within the same sentence as universal health care. It’s like me
comparing you to Einstein; the two are completely uncorrelated. 

Miki Stancic says:

No offence, but ow would Americans know much about human rights, The USA
hasn’t even signed the declaration of human rights so that they can keep up
torturous and what should be illegal activities in places such as
Guantanamo Bay. I believe that people should have an opportunity to live
and pay back medical debts and not be discriminated because of their low
socio-economic statues. If you’re rich “congratulations, you get the
benefits of medicine” if you’re poor “well fuck you, you don’t have health
insurance”, I’m sorry but I’m definitely a socialist on this topic. (don’t
freak out Americans, I’m not “Communist” oh scary). Sorry but this is
simply my opinion, as everyone else is entitled to their own. 

John Nemo says:

Having the right to live means you have the right that your life will not
be TAKEN by someone else, in other words, you have the right to not get
killed. It does not mean that someone else MUST SAVE you if your life is in
Say you own a car. In that case you have the right to HAVE and drive that
car. But this does not mean that someone has to REPAIR that car if you
crash it into a wall.
Well obviously, if someone has the opportunity to save your life and he
doesnt, he is surely an asshole. But that doesnt change the fact that he
has no moral OBLIGATION to save you after all.

Wayne Abbott says:

Bottom line: Nobody has a right to the productive efforts of others.

supergrover6868 says:

YES IT IS. And the fact you do insist it isn’t, further indicates you has a
hypocritical twit, in your other video about “Libertarian”(you are not one
BTW) misconception. Clearly you dont give a fuck about the poor. Your
disgusting and inhuman.

Igor Shabalov says:

I agree with Julie. However she use term “right”, but what she actually
mean “entitlement”. We are not entitled for free healthcare service from
anyone. But nobody should infringe on our right to receive health care. It
is same as we have a right to bear arms but not entitled for free guns and

MrWeatherman10 says:

Life means Good mental and Good Health

Alex Raskalove says:

That’s why the US is #37 in health care

Shayne Waugh says:

I don’t like leaving comments on youtube. I always find myself
undereducated for such conversations leaving me ineffectual in any
expression that I may attempt. Nonetheless I can’t help myself here in
that I feel that you might be on the right track. But I am conflicted as
to whether or not I agree with you. I might just be a libertarian but I
don’t think I have the faith in humanity to hop fully over to your side.
This is really not what I started this to say but the extrapolation in my
mind says that libertarianism is a sound option. Funny that I am saying
this as I generally consider myself to be a socialist and have often be
called a fascist when I let my mind wonder. But I think maybe my optimism
is libertarian and my pessimism is fascist. Well anyway thank you for
giving me something to think about.

For those of you who disagree with her, please give me something to grip on
to. I find too many of the counter arguments to be weak. Julie’s channel
certainly has drawn out some of the less intelligent liberals (myself

fuzzyone99 says:

I always appreciate it when reptiles lecture us on human rights. 

Twishadowhunter says:

So only the rich should get healthcare?

Allain Roy says:

The money is a drop in the bucket compared to what you spend on the
military that enforces wall street and the oil companies policies. Before
you start calling down your government for trying to help it’s citizens,
ask yourself why the citizens need to bail out the banks for bad ideas that
made them all rich on everybody else’s backs. I find it funny that in the
US, it is capitalism for the poor and socialism for the corporations.

Cuck Forporations says:

Well that was incredibly dumb. Theres a little document called the
Universal Declaration of Human Rights and it kinda sums up what your rights
as a human are. Check it out! It’s fascinating stuff. This Ayn Rand
thinking is pretty fucking stupid.

Andrew Lindgren says:

In Australia medicare has been mandatory long since before I was born. I
never, ever go to the doctor but I sure do get taxed for these services I
don’t use.

I opt out of car insurance, because I don’t crash. If I did it would almost
certainly be cheaper to pay to fix it myself then years of premiums plus
the excess. I should be allowed to not have state mandated health insurance
for the same reason.

Raptor Ace says:

less government healthcare=lower taxes and more insurance competition.
more insurance competition=lower prices for insurance
lower prices for insurance=paying for insurance with the money I saved on

Vincent Jones says:

Do I have a right to move freely about?
If so, I should get free auto repair services.
Since denying me this, will deny me of my rights!

mmzen says:

people far on the right (no pun intended) like to throw around the word
“right” and define what is and isn’t a right as if they have the end all be
all determination of how rights are defined. the idea of rights are
completely arbitrarily man made constructs are have no constant definition
(I know the christian fuckballs will now say their rights come from god,
completely discounting that different people believe in different gods) 

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