Dreaming of Healthcare (A Response)

Dreaming of Healthcare (A Response)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pjoK0Zf_N5Q Check out this 30 second video, “Dreaming of Healthcare.” We made it in partnerships with a group of young Califor…



Spitfire995 says:

Absolutely agree with you, it’s been like that for a while.

dachison carrazco says:

USMC 224 !

Hombre Chongo says:

The truth spoken. The Zionists use racial division, playing everybody against each other. Advertisements like Dreaming of Healthcare are used to stoke the fires.

Why do Zionists loathe descendants of Caucasian Europeans so much? Are they the first to always see through their deceptions?

MrMister1227 says:

Give them an inch and they’ll take a mile…

losplatosdemaria says:

Hola, Señor Paul! Why don’t you do us all a grande favor and slap on an enormous black moustache the next time you put on that sombrero? Without the stache, you still look like a documented “U.S. American” (as Miss Teen South Carolina would correctly put it).

OriginalFoxBox says:

no wonder they disabled the comments

gives you angry stares why you not give us free money for being illegal!!!

seriously why the hell are they angry at us if they hop borders illegally

21AirDrop says:

Thanks. Sarcastic common sense.

USCisgay says:

Why are we responsible for these criminals. fuck these people… their drug cartel has billions of dollars, they can support these fuck that carry swine flu.

bobbycarolina75 says:

I don’t agree with that either. In this lousy economy, the military (and its corresponding wages and benefits) is the only decent option many Americans have, why should we cede this avenue to illegals as well? This isn’t the old days when it was either the marines or jail, the last 5 years recruiters have been turning away people.


Alternatively, they could just do what thousands of young citizens who don’t have access to healthcare do and join the military and qualify for tricare.

smitehz says:

fucking lol

drogddm says:

U mad bro?

Duke16Devlin says:

“And your subscriber count in no way reflects whether or not you know what you’re talking about.”

I smell jealousy from someone that does not have many subscribers. Must also be why you are trolling ramzpaul.

Skyler Thomas says:

The Supreme Court are un-American, Zionist suck-ups. Taking them seriously these days is quite an impossible task.

Whether you like it, “Hate Speech” is protected by the Constitution. Because it is un-popular speech, which is what the Constitution protects. And everyone in the Supreme Court knows that. They’re purposefully violating our rights. The Constitution wasn’t written to protect speech only if everyone agrees with them. The Founding Fathers wanted a free country, not a police state.

tehryanx says:

I think it’s pretty clear who got trolled. You took the time to defend your video. I’m not angry at all. I only come to ramzpauls channel to troll ignorant bigots 🙂 It’s still not an ad hominem, because your ability to whoop me hinges on your mental handicap 😛 Honestly though dude, it’s only youtube. Don’t be so affected.

programminghelporg says:

Of course you won’t respond to the argument, because you are unable to. Well, at least your aren’t in denial of that.

Secondly, you just admitted to using an ad hominem by your own definition. You are trying to invalidate my ability to whoop you by saying that I am possibly autistic. Fail… 😛

Kid, I hope you realize that I have been trolling you. I can see the anger in your words as you type your comments and have proudly given a fun little conversation for others to read.

My job is done 😀

tehryanx says:

my bad, it was the assignment operator. I was so confused by your complete lack of clarity that I couldn’t focus on what you were even talking about. Have you been diagnosed autistic? you’re definitely on the spectrum. And, it’s not an ad hominem unless i’m claiming that the insult I’m giving you in some way invalidates your argument. I’m not, I’m ignoring your argument because I don’t care to respond to it. I was more interested in your laughable assumption about your being able to “whoop” me.

programminghelporg says:

Well, if you are as intelligent as you claim, all you have to do is back up your argument with facts. In tutorial 25 of pointers, give the minute and second that shows me using the addition operator in the video.

To my peers: note that this young man decided not to respond to the premise of my original comment. Instead, can only argue with me using ad hominems: a logical fallacy.

tehryanx says:

Sure you do. You stumble over trying to explain it for a good 30 seconds. And your subscriber count in no way reflects whether or not you know what you’re talkign about. Your subscribers are people who want to learn to program, so they wouldn’t know either way.

LaMiltonTheHoodrat says:

i’m an immigranta nd i hate these freeloading illegal pieces of shit. fuck them

programminghelporg says:

Funny, cause I don’t use the addition operator in that tutorial. Sounds like someone is a little liar.

Oh, by the way. You said I sound like a bumbling moron, yet I couldn’t help but notice that I’m gaining an average of 12 subs/day and have nearly reached 1600. That’s given the fact I haven’t uploaded a tutorial in 9 months. So… I guess your opinion isn’t “commonplace.” 😛

spangledbanners says:

Go figure, on their video they blocked the comments so they wouldn’t have to hear that they are a bunch of illegal, freeloading, pieces of shit.

tehryanx says:

canada has plenty of immigrants of our own, and we welcome them. I feel I have as much right to be on the american continent as anyone else regardless of their homeland or their skin color.

tehryanx says:

whoop me in computer science lol. I took a few seconds to check out your tutorial on pointers. You sound like a bumbling moron trying to explain how the addition operator works with pointers.

RM I. says:

You say you want to work toward inclusivity. Do you think La Raza includes you??

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