Dr. Ben Carson on Pelosi Refusing to Healthcare Law “Obamacare” – Neil Cauvto – 1-10-14

Dr. Ben Carson on Pelosi Refusing to Healthcare Law “Obamacare” – Neil Cauvto – 1-10-14

Dr. Ben Carson joins FNC’s Neil Cavuto to weigh in with his take on Nancy Pelosi’s continued denial to refer to ACA as “Obamacare”.



John Henry Reaves says:

There is nothing affordable with the Affordable Care Act. Nancy Peolsi has
her own reasons for her insanity … so far I am not sure what they are
other than she came from the land of fruits and nuts and they keep electing

Chris L. Robinson says:

Dr Ben Carson is a damned liar. You haven’t “lost” care because your policy
has been canceled, even if his number is true. Most who get th cancellation
letter are told they’ll be put on another plan without interruption. Many
can get 1 year extension as right-wing demanded. All can shop for cheaper
insurance. Carson knows this but doesn’t says so because he’s a fantastic
surgeon AND a scumbag.

breadyru says:

I love this man

Arturo Davis says:


Quintell Watts says:

Obamacare is straight up trash! It’s sad how the black community love being
lied to. Everyone should be against this crap

liberalsRretards says:

Cant wait till the day i hear pelosi has kicked the bucket. I know ill be
out celebrating!!

superood1 says:

Ben Carson is a good man.

luke quixere says:

Ben Carson, on the other hand, has my respect. This man truly seems to care
about people more than money or power. 

luke quixere says:

This hideous “woman” has lied so much her hair is falling out. I wish we
could retire her and O shitcare at the same time.

Kem Wills says:

In my state a lot of employers switched over in 2010. You people have no
clue what you’re in for. LOL

PillznarRy says:


Mick Psyphon says:

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