Congresswoman’s Demented Outrage At Equal Healthcare Coverage for Women

Congresswoman’s Demented Outrage At Equal Healthcare Coverage for Women

A few weeks ago, Republican Congresswoman Renee Ellmers had an incredibly ridiculous moment of outrage over the fact that under Obamacare, men and women will…



pyrrho314 says:

it’s so stupid, do they not know how insurance works? The company can
calculate it will NOT HAVE MATERNITY COSTS AT ALL for half it’s
customers… that costs nothing… the money is to cover all possible
things… not… oh fuck it. Can we just have two countries?

bigraviolees says:

when you are a psycho and hell bent on sabotage God himself could write a
plan and NOTHING would change as far as the right nut job attack. Yes Dems
are flawed, no GOP are not sane

TheRobotDevilInside says:

If women have their issues (maternity leave for example) we, men, shouldn’t
have to pay for them. Why do men have to pay for women’s insurance?

Giving that men require less insurance (as they live more, work all the
time, unless some women who just sit at home doing nothing) it’s still a
scam for the men.

The whole idea that women don’t have to pay more for a service is retarded.
They use this service (medical in our case) more they pay more. Why should
men pay for maternity issues? It’s downright sexist. Have a sex pay for
issues that doesn’t concern them at all simply because the other sex has
them. This is sexism at it’s finest. A non sexist insurance would cover
only issues that are likely to affect both sexes (pregnancy is NOT one of

“Durr! Men pay 0$ for tampons and birth control pills so women should pay
the same” <- Feminist logic right there.

Todd Davis says:

They are going to drive themselves and us nuts! They will have to drop this
“classification” and make it 3 tiers. Men/Women 20-40 1st tier, 40-60 2nd
tier, 60-80(cont.) 3rd tier. They is no other efficient way to classify
person = to their specific problem! There are to many possibilities. And to
many outcomes. Some operations your “cured” others are just starting even
more in depth costs for care. They can be more efficiently evaluated in
tiers. Plus, the “do not resuscitate” people will NOT put in place now the
GOV. will pay it. People and families do base this decision on a financial
bases. What a clusterfuck! Peace

EdwardHowton says:

Ellmers: “Listen, there’s this one guy, his name is Joe the Plumber, right?
He’s single and he’s never going to go on a date or get laid. Why the fuck
should he have to pay for maternity coverage just because he doesn’t
actually exist? ANSWER THAT, BITCH!”

Someone slap Ellmers out of her hysterics, please.

Phalinex says:

Jay walking is also against the law, and as a result you may be fined. Is
that not also an infringement on your liberty and freedom? Why are
republicans not up in arms over this government infringement on your
rights? Why are they only enraged when the government tries to improve the
lives of average Americans?

Graham Skelly says:

having standard mass produced parts makes things cheaper. If you had to
cobble together hand made plans, that would be a lot more work and would
cause premiums to rise.

A Neo-Con who wants to watch only the Blaze and Fox News, and doesn’t want
to pay his cable company for PBS NBC ABC CNN or the BBC along with any
other host of news channels. If the cable company didn’t bundle channels
the extra cost of not standardizing plans would make everyone’s cable bill
go up.

Also 30 year old single men, have sex, and sometimes things happen when you
have sex

Bevin Warren says:

What an idiot… The reason you want single men to pay for Maternity
coverage in their plan is to REDUCE the cost for women across the board. it
actually makes premiums go down not up.

Bolgernow says:

there’s the airtight non-logic: all single people will always remain
single. Instead of understanding the realities of insurance coverage, she
plays partisan public games

ObserversEyes says:

Most places that offer insurance at work currently offer maternity care as
one of its benefits. If you are a single male without children employed by
this company, then you are (and have been) subsidizing this benefit. I
don’t understand what the controversy is.

Atheeizm says:

Conservatives ONLY hate government when it directly does not benefit them.
That is when they cry socialism. Pathetic and obvious selfishness. As an
Australian, I assure you that it is going to be alright AND you all need to
chill the fuck out, 40 years on here and we STILL haven’t been overtaken by
the reds lol. Bunch of idiots lol.

Gabrieliuka says:

I’m sorry, but what the hell… As a woman, I know I will NEVER have
prostate cancer or any problems that require having a Y chromosome. Should
I demand that they make a specific plan that would ensure that not a cent
of the money I specifically pay will go to cover someone’s prostate cancer?
Should we splinter it some more? I do not smoke, nor does it hold any
appeal to me, so chances are that I will never smoke a single cigarette.
Should I demand that any and all sicknesses that are caused or heavily
influenced by smoking be removed from my plan? “Why should I pay for your
choices” goes more than one way.

Blue Point Trading says:

32 year old single man thinks he will never marry or have a baby … then
meets a girl at a party, “knocks her up,” then decides for whatever reason,
quickly marries her, to “make her honest” … this has never happened
before? My guess is that this happens more often than a 32 year old guy
having a heart attack. The Congresswoman is stupid…

TheTruthQuest123 says:

All Obama did with this shit is, force us to buy the already shitty pro
health insurance “health care”. Fuck this shit we need single payer and we
need it sooner than later..I am getting sick of this “live to work
shit”….real sick of it..

Hank S says:

Jesus himself can come down, show himself, and give the US a perfect
insurance system that he wrote himself and republicans would block it.
Republicans are anti-human.

Marthe Endresen says:

Not married does NOT equal not having children. If you have sex, there is a
chance of making someone pregnant. It ALWAYS takes two people to make a
baby, why should the woman pay all of the insurance?

dropdead says:

what an unmitigated muppet – is being a twit a prerequisite for being
appointed to congress.

Enough of this caveman politics, kick these troglodytes out of office

Thea Hadanda says:

So this Representative (woman) doesn’t want a married man to be able to
cover his wife with maternity coverage?

icu812a says:

This congresswoman is complaining about men having to subsidize women’s
reproductive health, but apparently didn’t share the same complaints about
the same men subsidizing her lobotomy.

DarthCipient says:

There should be an exemption for people from blue states, who constantly
have to bear the insurance costs of fat, redneck, chicken and cake eating
red staters who are consistently ranked worst for health and fitness. The
kind of people who appear on Maury and need a crane and forklift truck to
demolish the walls of their trailers to be taken on a pickup truck to the
studio. The kind of people who love Paula Deen, who gave herself diabetes
eating her own fucking recipes.

eyeammi says:

Insurance, by definition, is coverage for what may happen in the future. I
have zero intent on getting cancer. That doesn’t change the chances that I
might. Likewise, I think it’s fairly obvious that, despite being single
with no current ambitions of fatherhood, a man can nonetheless find
themselves impregnating a woman. It’s also more than obvious that the man
should bare some of the resulting cost. Thus, covering a man for maternity
makes all the sense in the world.

MrOttopants says:

This reminds me of how “Joe” the “Plumber” had 250k to buy a business.

Except he didn’t. And he wasn’t a plumber. And his name wasn’t Joe.

thedon mack says:

I’m a single male in my 30’s and make more than the level for subsidies. I
will gladly pay more for insurance if it means that others will benefit.
Because I know when I’m older or if I need medical help it will be there
for me. If you’re greedy at heart this will probably be a problem for you.

That woman is so simple to even say the things she did. Her level of
understanding is negative. Only problem is whomever voted for her may be
in worse shape.

cityzenjane2 says:

To the best of your knowledge has a man ever knocked up a woman he was
sleeping with and then decided to start a family.

My god this woman is an idiot.

I don’t get to a la carte refuse to pay insurance for men on motorcycles
without helmets, prostate cancer or viagra. The purpose of insurance is to
put everyone in the same risk pool to lower risk to all.

Terry Lazar says:

A woman age 32 does not need insurance for prostate surgery either but she
gets it. Never in her life will she ever have a prostate. And it covers
vasectomies which she will never need. I hate these people who nit pick.
Read the policies before you make fools of yourself.

AngeliqueStP says:

We all pay for things we might never need: men won’t need pap smears, women
won’t need prostate exams, …. and Republicans won’t need those pesky
brain scans. C’est la vie!

dffykvn says:

She must be from the Phillis Schafley I belong chained in the house either
to the stove making food for my man or the bed cranking out babies for
christs army while keeping my bitch mouth shut and my mans beer cold school
of “thought”

beyondtheprogramming says:

wow, beyond what she had to say, this woman’s misaligned eyes are a dead
giveaway – that is the tell-tale sign of a mind layered with program on top
of program. maybe wise to seek info from someone else 😉

Frank Collins says:

“Pro-life”, against maternity care? This all reminds me of the tyranny of
government when mandating safety standards in vehicles, foods, drugs and I
have to pay for it all! So what if I ever get in an accident or get food
poisoning, public safety is nonessential. I hope Ellmers is serious about
everyone not having to pay for anything that they don’t use and not just
using it as a talking point to bash women and healthcare reform. Anarchy,
anarchy, anarchy!

Michael Lawson says:

Damn, these republicans are dumb. I thought Sarah Palin was dumb, and she
is, but this airhead makes her look smart. And that isn’t easy to do.

HugeJohn51 says:

What a horrible bitch. All of a suddenly Republicans are worried about too
many laws. Tell them black people will be breaking that law and they will
love it.

goatutter says:

Does this insurance cover cervical cancer? Mine does. But I doubt I’ll
every have cervical cancer–for the same reason, I, and she, doubt I’ll
every give birth. Also, does the maternity coverage apply if you’re
unmarried and the condom or such fails?

philpot kentucky says:

this moron Ellmers either doesn’t understand how insurance works at all, or
she is being willfully ignorant simply to take cheap shots at Obamacare.
Those are the only two options.

Headshot Billy says:

Pro’s , con’s and all bullshit aside, I don’t like being told that I have
to participate in a market when the biggest change is simply making the
insurance company’s the middle man and our greedy government taking a slice
of the pie for…….?

m00mai says:

the whole concept of forcing people to buy health insurance is just
retarded. Just tax people more and make the whole thing universal and
everyone gets healthcare. take insurance companies out of the equation.
simple concept.

fire262 says:

Wow. The repulsive anti-social and obtuse thinking of Rethuglicans is
demonstrated yet again. Should I be exempt from paying road and vehicle
taxes because there are numerous streets I will never travel down? Should
childless singles and couples be exempt from taxes that go to support
public schools? What if I refuse to use 9-1-1? Should I then get a tax
break? Too many people are under the delusion that taxes are bad. Taxes
are how we, as a people, pay for the common good. Yes, it can be abused
but it still beats living a solitary life in a cave.

Randell Cinnamon says:

Renee Ellmers is a Palin-like bitch with ZERO intellect.

bobbytiger says:

Now there you go again Sam, continuing your “war on women”

kathy kelly says:

All thats going to happen is that men’s coverage will get more expensive so
we can have “equality.”

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