Barack Obama FULL Health Care Speech in Boston, More Excuses and Reasoning – (October 30, 2013)

Barack Obama FULL Health Care Speech in Boston, More Excuses and Reasoning – (October 30, 2013)

October 30, 2013 – President Obama Delivers Remarks on Health Care: President Obama travels to Boston, Massachusetts, to talk about health care. The Affordab…



Andy Nelson says:

he just belittles any opposition to his stupid speech

Joseph Martinez says:

Obama is a compassionate man. If you honestly sit back and think. They are
debating whether or not people should have affordable healthcare or not.
You honestly think the right cares about the American people. Then they
use excuses like it takes away your freedom. Since when does a party who
signs a bill like the patriot act ever care about freedom?

Blackgam3r says:

Jesus Christ these LIES. Only the very poor and the very rich win at the
expense of what’s left of the middle class. 

Aaron Cosper says:

I am so looking forward to this new health care act as I have no way to
purchase health care rite now. Thank you Obama I love you

Ian Mahannah says:

Fuck Boston

Miles Long says:


Joseph Martinez says:

I tell you if this healthcare law works. Say bye bye to Republicans.

Miles Long says:


laura boyd pendleton says:

blah blah blah blah etc…

ShortyWithBrains s says:

Now he is saying that he didn’t say we could keep our healthcare, mf dumb
as hell. I peeped his game since the beginning…..

WSOX Man says:

Maybe put down the Obama Kool Aid? Its sad that uninformed people like you
get to vote. Compassionate man? Sure if you agree with ever damn think he
says, even if its a damn lie.

Bret Hines says:

No compassion for the unborn, he would have you ripped out of the womb
right up to the 9th month. He would force you to teach your children the
homosexual lifestyle is normal and acceptable. Why does he hate children so
much. It is not just children, I think he hates humanity in general and
sees mankind as the cause of every ecological disaster that plagues the
planet. God forgive us, as that maybe true.

Dave Kenniker says:

abraham, you are a joke! you dont know NOTHING about obama get your facts
straight and learn about obama before you go supporting a gov that dont
care about you.

Abraham Bojien says:

obama will become the Abraham lincoln of health care….i love obama, nice
clean compassionate man…kudos! mr president….

Jeff Jarvis says:

I will NOT vote Republican EVER again if they don’t take back their party
from the Tea Party and all the other crazies. Savage is one of those
crazies that is destroying the party. I want my Reagan Republican party

golyg says:

Every scandal obama uses the same tactics – lie, obfuscate, run out the
clock, mock the accusers, get infront of a crowd of supporters and give a
speech, then months after NOT answering any questions say “ah that’s old
news…let’s move on”..

doowopsforever says:

Yeh, He’s the best LYING President ever. A socialist from the start. and
will go down as the worst president since Jimmy Carter. Matter of fact
Jimmy is looking pretty good compared to this Jerk. By looking at your pic
,It seems like you have been mesmerized by the Big O. Good luck,

rickyboy1947 says:

ya he is a great president if you want something for free……and the
backs of hard working people….maybe you should get a job…..the people
who want Obama care are the entitlement bunch…..everything for free for
them, but at the expense of hard working people…..pathetic

rickyboy1947 says:

come to Canada and see how the government of Canada does
it…..terrible….private enterprise does it better, and its not free, the
question is, who do you want to run it, the government or private
enterprise, and since Government is not capable of doing anything right,
then I would leave in the hand of private enterprise

rickyboy1947 says:

I am Canadian, and have socialist health care and it sucks…..long
emergency room waiting lines…….you have to wait for surgery…..its not
good, and its not FREE…..its paid for by high taxes……and doctors
usually leave for the US too…….private enterprise is more capable of
providing health care than the Governments is able, or capable of
doing……for get OBAMA care…..a big mistake

PietraBourneuf says:

lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, more lies, lie, lie,lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, more
lies, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, more lies, lie, lie,lie, lie, lie,
lie, lie, more lies, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, more lies, lie,
lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, more lies, lie, lie, blatant lie, lie,
lie,blatant lie, lie, lie,blatant lie, lie, lie, flurry of lies, lie, lie
and on and on…

Rebecca DiQuattro says:

So first he promises that people won’t lose their current health insurance.
When they do, his response is, “Oh, just buy mine. Money from other
taxpayers will help pay for it!” Nobody sees anything wrong with that?
THAT’S why it’s unconstitutional. People didn’t want to buy his insurance,
but now its basically their only option.

rebjiii says:

Obama is correct – the only polling data that matters regarding Obama is
the 51% of Americans who voted for Obama 12 months ago when he defeated
Romney by 5 million votes

Thomas Rogers says:

Obooba the rodeo clown STILL jizzin on his libtard cunt syncophants!
Loookie loookie everybody! LMFAO!

Roy Romero says:


Sheep4Christ says:

What God Barak? Is it the True and Only God (Yahweh) and His begotten son?
Or is the other idol? Who is God for Mr. Barack Obama?

TheErtomesaw says:

Don’t worry. If we drone you’re citizens, we will give you aid. That should
make it all better. The Obama administration is guilty of murder and
spying. Where is the world court on this?

jim K says:

I DIDNT listen to this but my comment on this is anybody who beleaves
anything obummer says is as dumb as a box of rocks!

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