Woman Faints While President Obama Gives Remarks About Healthcare Website Issues

Woman Faints While President Obama Gives Remarks About Healthcare Website Issues

The president pauses his remarks about the affordable care act to make sure woman is ok.



brin3535 says:

You are one serious idiot if you actually fall for this one.

winstonIpresume says:

This woman just found out what O-BOMB-A-care is going to cost her…….

debbie allport says:

that’s because he played you all

seahag831 says:

People keep followinb this idiot because they just can’t admit they were wrong.

Tyler Vanner says:


Rockysmith1296 says:

This whole government is a Damn sham, from one end to the other crooks and scam artist.USA is going down hill I feel sorry for our kids futures.

donaldkkorte says:

That young lady was NOT faking. She was having low blood sugar reaction. Not a good feeling at all, I know ’cause it happens to me.

Roseshirazie says:

My only guess would be the woman has epilepsy & she just had partial complex seizure. “If you understand epilepsy”.

killerboyfoolz says:

After seeing this clip like 20 times, I’m getting bored now…can’t wait for another Obama moment!

paige swegles says:

Come on, there’s no way this is real. First of all the woman standing next to the one who faints is clearly communicating with someone in the audience and both woman look in the same direction, then the woman who is communicating with whoever in the audience before she puts her arm around her back and then the lady “faints”. Not to mention Obama turns around BEFORE the “fainting” woman actually starts to “faint”. Just my observations.

ynotttt says:

The people standing behind him have no purpose. Just another con job

flukes777 says:

Obama is the man! Kills Bin Laden, sings like Al Green and saves fainting women.


what the hell? … everyone i know is getting massively higher health care premiums and rate hikes through the roof!…HOW IS THIS AFFORADABLE? … and obama is up there saying the TOTAL opposite…. WHAT THE FUCK PLANET IS HE LIVING ON? THIS IS TOTAL BULLSHIT… i dont want to buy insurance and these fuckers are forcing me… ALL IM GETTING IS A NEW FUCKING BILL…THANKS OBAMA… YOU COCKSUCKER

Racingpappy101 says:

Search “Fake faint” by Lady Patriots. Proves this was all a set up. They have no shame in this administration or in our pathetic media. Shame on ABC

Racingpappy101 says:

Her fainting was FAKE FAKE FAKE… Everything this pos does has been staged and faked. Other youtube videos proves this was all staged. Shame on ABC for not exposing it. As fake as Diane Sawyers face.

TheRodentchild says:

This is staged, Obama is a liar in cheif


Guys I wanna have fun how can I do ?

Tamara Wagner says:

You do know that they have TV’s and such he may have seen himself and her behind him…also if you hear a scuffle behind you you turn. Dumbasses.

coltor9 says:

No. Romney is for tax cuts for millionaires and program cuts for the poor. Obama is for helping the poor and middle class and making the millionaires give back a little

lamps says:

Romney and Obama are one in the same, jackass.

RAYAN Ahmed says:

أخلاق مسلمين


what the FUCK they clappin at?! damn!! 

bgrngod says:

It didn’t occur to you that maybe she was trying to comfort this woman who she already new was having difficulty standing for that long? This happened about 25 minutes into a long Obama speech, in the sun, while she is pregnant AND diabetic.

But hey, go right on ahead and tell us how much of an expert you are on what realistic fainting looks like…

brongers457 says:

Than I missed one hell of a party 🙂

Steve Conte says:

this is nothing compare to the part where they brag how a woman spent 5 hours on the phone to get obamacare registration fill out. totally disregards the 90% of ppl having no success register from the website.

Jaxon Cannon says:

Her friend was talking to someone off to the said so it’s not fake and she turned pretty pale

Jaxon Cannon says:

It’s not fake, her friend was

Braveheart4USA says:


coltor9 says:

Romney would have let her fall face first. The GOP don’t help poor people or the middle class. If it was a Koch Brother, Romney would have caught him

drew owen says:

It was real…she turned ghost white in an instant……..she looks pregnant…..standing there for who knows how long……had some bad shellfish…..poop…..

Mike Zunino says:

Puh leeze. You can tell that the woman on her right was nodding to someone in the audience, mouthed the word”Okay”, then, right before the “fall”, put her hand behind the prop’s back.
Damm. Only a sheeple would swallow THAT pathetic ploy.

terree persons says:

Cued on the word “illness” very interesting theater tactics 4 sure BUT..Is anyone tired of the B$ reruns that the “actors” do these day….so old I must say. RECALL this prez. He is no good for our country or us. Damn shame he could have made a big difference but they will not let him if he could/would have which, I doubt but just wishing here..all lies,nutin more nutin less, bad entertainment or lack of entertainment at your/our expense,pitiful gov we have Peace n luv to all. seek knowledge

RoseBel58 says:

Looked to me that her “que” was to faint when he turns around. If it is contrived…wow..new low.

Sean Akkadian says:

Aha sure. Or it could be from the coke-sex party they must have had last night!

Sean Akkadian says:

Staged… just like the little black kid’s speech. Hollywood baby!

brongers457 says:

I actually think this was genuine. You could say it is all an act, but that young woman didn’t look very well when it happened, so I’d say ‘it is real’…

Jeremy Kennedy says:

That bitch need healthcare now lol

R Davian says:

why is this news?

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