Obama HealthCare Obamacare Mandatory RFID Chip Implant

Obama HealthCare Obamacare Mandatory RFID Chip Implant

Obamacare RFID Chip Implant mandatory on 3-23-13. President Obama travels to Prince Georges Community College in suburban Washington, DC, to talk about how t…



Family Life and News by GFN says:

nothing in that video about chips

Rj Smith says:

Ask yourself..”Implant mandatory by 3-23-2013″ then why was this posted
November 16, 2013? Really people?

Michael Black says:

i cut and pasted that straight from the HR3590 site. My apologies.

Jodi Gustafson says:

We the people will not be chipped. America is a free country. We as
American citizens have the right not to be chipped. This is absolutely
unconstitutional. This is rumor. It isn’t true. So shove it up your ass
President Obama. Go to hell asshole.

Yapah Banah says:

We as human beings, not just Americans..I am not proud to be an American.

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