Norway’s Health Care System

Norway’s Health Care System

08-25-2009 broadcast. Evaluation of a single payer system.



Natsu Dragneel says:

Ehm Norwegian 4-5 mill ppls. Immigrants around 2 million ppls. It’s not to be mean but why can’t all the immigrants go somewhere else? lol

Natsu Dragneel says:

No i am just saying that a lot of the “immigrants” are thieves and they dont even got a job. Selling drugs and so on. Do Norway really need them to take money from nav?

TheDFixx says:

If you are a Norwegian Citizen you are Norwegian. That is reality. Seperating people’s roles in the society based on their ‘race’ or country of orgin is primitive. They did shit like that back when people died of a common cold. Of course most right wingers in Europe are too stupid to understand that population growth and work force is a key element when it comes to building a welfare state.

Natsu Dragneel says:

OK, i am really sorry for saying this. But i think this could be fixed if not the half of the population is not Fucking Norwegian…

MrAmokz says:

Seriously? Are americans warming their hospitals with 100$ bills? 

Korv Gubbas says:

The difference between Norway and USA is that there are almost no fat people in Norway. Sports is a natural way of life and all the fast food restaurants arent as spread as in some countries.

fetsen1 says:

I think Norway is great. Get sick, break a leg, catch a disease, everything gets covered unless when you need treatment then you need to pay like 50$. Cannot complain.

rimi1998 says:

All that…and it is stil one of the best countrys to live in in the world. LOL

Sabina P Jonsson says:

It’s funny how USA always make it seem like a bad thing that the scandinavian countries pay higher taxes. We don’t suffer from it, we get good things from it (like in Sweden, up to 10 weeks paid vacation by law), while USA is suffering because they are trying to cut taxes.

Andreas Nordstrand says:

Norways not good with cancer, I recommend you go to sweden for treating cancer if you get it. 🙂

Andreas Nordstrand says:

Note to those people who says our taxes are high. The average year income here is 111.000$. Of course we got to pay that much tax. 🙂

AxedStudio says:

then you must be a retarded peace of shit.

MrShirial says:

sorry, criminal, but Norway is #1

Bledi838 says:

Norwegians hate Americans because Americans are go getters whereas Norwegians need to be told what to do, a loser like attitude. And Norwegians hate Americans, when they all listen to USA music an buy their goods all the time.

Arc Zie says:

Nordic taxation is only high to the outsiders.

Thesortvokter says:

Watch sicko by Michael Moore:

Thesortvokter says:

What an intelligent comment. Did you think long before you typed out that?

Ificecreamwasaname Itwouldbemine says:

on 3. I hope you’re talking about USA.

l12d88 says:

A big diffrence is that its FREE unlike us where everything has a price

Nmber6 says:

@2:12 “Private insurance does not play a significant role in Norway”

And therein lies a major reason why national health care is unlikely to ever become a reality in the US. There’s too much money to be made on the backs of unhealthy Americans.

porlae says:

well taking a bullet to the head is the more Viking way to die 😛 so let them we can live out our life’s here in the north enjoying it ^^ whilst they die in their gun battles 😛

tvoitigor says:

wrong, bitchfucker.

DemoneaMedia says:

USA > Norway.

HenkeFS says:

The taxes are usually around 30%, not 45%. The gouverment is at the moment discussable, but hopefully the conservatives will win the next election 🙂

Vegard Pedersen says:

in norway we die of age like 70-90 years old not getting a bullet in the head

Cypho2k says:

The sublines mention the Chris Brown assault on Rihanna, meaning the interview is a few years old. If you earn more than about 100-150 000 dollars a year, you pay “toppskatt” which can be > 50% of your income of the amount which surpasses this limit.

To number 3: in Norway there has been a lot of news recently about people being denied drugs for cancer treatment on the grounds that they are too expensive. Sadly, we place an economic price tag on our citizens as well.

stonem001 says:

what’s even sadder though is that even a flawed system like Norway’s (or Australia’s – my country) is far better than the US system. I can only imagine how much needless suffering there is there because of a few people’s greed and lack of compassion.

kidcudifanclub says:


Deezhan says:

2: The house that I lived in 2 years ago burned down while I was sleeping in it. I barely got out alive. From that point on: an ambulance drove me, a lot of doctors took care of me, a helicopter flew me, I stayed at a very modern and confortable hospital and was taken good care of, on my return a taxi drove me, a plane flew me. I didn’t pay anything for any of that, not a dime. And at the time, I never payed tax before either. In fact, I was on social care. So.. dont worry about our healt care;)

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