Michael Cannon: Is Health Care a Right or Privilege?

Michael Cannon: Is Health Care a Right or Privilege?

Is health care a right or a privilege? Michael Cannon, of the Cato Institute, and Dr. Hoangmai Pham, of the National Physicians Alliance, debate the topic.



jasonlweese says:

one issue they didn’t touch upon, among many. What are “rights”? Are they god given? No, they are fought for by many of us brave enough to fight for them be they returning veterans (who’re currently being shafted by the gov)or Civil Rights activists, or women’s suffrage activists or organized labor activists…the point is, rights are fought for and won, they aren’t doled out by some benevolent force. And so the move for a public option is the product of that struggle.Will we continue to ignore?

thopkins22 says:

He’s pro-choice. He’s libertarian. He doesn’t believe that you should be left to die “on the side way.” Whatever the fuck a “side way” is. Why don’t you go to the Cato Institute’s website and read some of their ideas on how to fix these issues.

FWIW, whether or not he’s right or wrong, he likely has twice the IQ that you do.

thopkins22 says:

But instead let’s penalize the children of those on the lower middle class whom will have to pay for it? As a pediatrician, why don’t you donate a day a week…or hell a day a month along with some of your contemporaries to provide health care to those underprivileged children?

The question becomes how do we best provide affordable healthcare(or any other product.) Every other product in the world is more expensive and of a lower quality when it’s provided by government…but medicine isn’t?

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PediatricsLittleton says:

As pediatricians we see the results of delayed access to healthcare. All children need full access to affordable healthcare. Lets’ not penalize the children for their parents economic situation.

Phummuph says:

Healthcare is not a right, period. You have a right to your life, not someone elses. No brainer.

Michael Green says:

All Americans should have a right to health care because the Declaration of Independence states that all men have the unalienable right to “Life,” which entails having the health care needed to preserve life.

john longman says:

that kind of people thinks are pro-life until the a human being is born. they dont give a damn shit about how they live their life afterwards… a question, what to do with a special care needing orphan who does not have any money ? Should we charge him his medical bills ? Or should we just left him alone to die ? What about education, with same kind of sick logic that those guys have, nobody has a right to education unless they can afford it..

john longman says:

Stupid prick thinks that when you dont have money and sick, you are just to be left alone to die on the side way.. That motherfucker is likely to be a pro-life.. fuck you cocksucker

Martin White says:

And paid very well I might add!

Martin White says:

And we, or the Goverment can refuse to purchase the drug company’s goods, we can buy or not buy as we choose. Health care and food are a basic right as stated in the UN charter on human rights which all civilized nations signed, please read it.

Martin White says:

Of course, all doctors are required to take the Hyppocratic oath, if they refuse to serve, they should be “struck off” After all doe’s a fireman refuse to attend a fire?
“If I keep this oath faithfully, may I enjoy my life and practice my art, respected by all humanity and in all times; but if I swerve from it or violate it, may the reverse be my life”.

bweazel says:

Can or should you be able to force a doctor to give you health services?

bweazel says:

Some of them by choice? Ummm, you mean most of them by choice.

Martin White says:

Do doctors become doctors because they want to help sick people or for money alone?
Of course health care is a right, everyone pays a little to help a lot, simple!

trey davis says:

instead of doing all this warmongering stuff we should help are citizenes get healthy

Drew Brekus says:

God damn it, interviewers should just shut up and let people talk you can never understand what a person’s opinion is because modern interviewers always interrupt the people they interview. Here’s an idea, we should all tell sign internet petition that tell interviewers to shut the hell up.

Yaqub Ali says:

you assume you will only be drafted for defense…

the gov’t can draft you to go on offense and in each case its legal…

that was just one way i wanted to show we are not in a free society, in a society you give up certain rights like:

having ownership of 100% over your wealth. you gotta pay some in taxes.

yes healthcare isn’t free and somebody has to pay for it…& I want the gov’t to take on that responsibility for those who want it, like the poor & anybody else who wants it.

akocentral says:

I quote “what makes you think we are free in a society in the first place…” & “there isn’t such a thing as a free lunch”
Since you don’t think that we are free and Healthcare isn’t free therefore it isn’t a right and shouldn’t be a right.

Be drafted to defend sovereignty in the name of defending liberty is justified. according to Murray Rothbard, the use of force is immoral except when in self defense.

no oxymoron there.

Yaqub Ali says:

what makes you think we are free in a society in the first place…that’s an oxymoron.

by being in a society you are giving up certain rights. for example you can be drafted for a war…waiving your right to your labor.

As they say there isn’t such a thing as a free lunch when i say free…I Mean provided by the gov’t to its people.
people can choose to have private insurance if they want.

like how it provides firefighters you can have a contract with a private firefighting co. if you want

akocentral says:

If healthcare becomes a right, it will violate property rights of drug companies and health workers will practically become slaves to the sick. That’s why Michael Cannon said, we’ll end up with no healthcare.

The problem with democracy is the majority (dumb) wins and the few (intellectuals) lose.

akocentral says:

The Bill of Rights (The Constitution as a whole) wasn’t created by society, it was created by a few intellectual elites, presented and accepted to and by the people/society.
The sum of it as interpreted by Milton Friedman:
Maximum freedom to everyone, you can do anything and everything you want so long as you do not interfere with anybody else’s freedom.
If healthcare becomes a right, it will violate property rights of drug companies and health workers will practically become slaves to the sick.

Yaqub Ali says:

so rights come because society decides to give them to you…if thats the case then

society can grant you the right to healthcare if they chose to and that is my pt.

if the majority of us are ok with giving people the right to a healthcare then healthcare would be a right.

akocentral says:

Rights comes from and limited to the Bill of Rights
It does not mention that anyone has the right to doctors’ services free of charge or rights to medicine manufactured by private drug companies free of charge

attab0i408 says:

in universal healthcare, the doctors get paid you jackass. look at every single country will universal healthcare, the doctors all get paid.

attab0i408 says:

the right to “life liberty and the pursuit of happiness” but if you are a poor child due to your upbringing which was of no fault your own you will die.

futuresee5 says:

Why us healthcare for congress paid for FOR LIFE? Why don’t they have to buy there own as the average person does. Think of the money we could save if they had to buy they’re own like we do

Edward Davis says:

it’s a right

redsox1006 says:

before i realized he was being sarcastic I nearly shit myself when michael cannon said healthcare was a right

healthhavencom says:

If you believe that healthcare is a right, you must also believe that slavery (forced labor) is a good thing. Imagine 7 billion people who believe they have the right to someone else’s work (ie healthcare services).

By making healthcare a right, you create a situation where demand overwhelms supply. And misery ensues.

Mike Erik says:

I’ve lived in several European countries for extended periods(my wife is European)and the United States could learn a lot about healthcare allocation & cost from many other countires.Americas ideological & dogmatic approach to problem solving will be its undoing.

Mike Erik says:

I’ve lived in several European countries for extended periods(my wife is European)and the United States could learn a lot about healthcare allocation & cost from many other countires.Americas ideological & dogmatic approach to problem solving will be its undoing.

Mike Erik says:

I believe healthcare should be a right in a society that is continually trying to grow & become more humane. ‘Healthcare is a right’ is not a perfect philosophy, I understand not wanting to pay for someone elses health negligence, but the benefits to society far outway the costs,both morally & fiscally. Anyone at any age can get sick or hurt regardless of lifestyle.There really are no innate human rights, but there is a right & wrong direction to move if you want the world to be a better place.

Yaqub Ali says:

wait right there…we gotta have a society where the poor and the
unfortunate are taken care of….

if that doesn’t happen there would be less security…
because people rob banks and can kill one another to survive.

if you want security in your country you better have the social programs.

Yaqub Ali says:

i think healthcare is a right…because we have a right to life.
being healthy enables us to enjoy the right of life we have….

so you can think of being healthy as being a tool in order for us
to attain the right of life.

can somebody answer this??
where do rights come from…??

virtue696 says:

Australia has basic healthcare for everyone, the rich have got fancy private hospitals to go to if they want and NO ONE!! dies because of lack if money.. it works here it can work there..
rich americans are probably the most selfish greedy cowardly people on this planet..

ctchampagne says:

Regardless of how we define “right” or the “what” that we do or don’t have a right to, if you are arguing that we shouldn’t have universal healthcare, then you are basically saying you think it’s okay to just let people suffer and die from treatable illnesses/injuries unless they pay up. But the reality is that people DO get free healthcare, It’s called the emergency room and it’s an incredibly unfair and inefficient way to guarantee healthcare, so that’s why we need a better system.

ctchampagne says:

You don’t have to pay to speak freely? But if you have an unpreventable, life-threatening illness and die from it because you couldn’t pay for treatment then that means you DO have to pay for free speech because you can’t speek when you are dead. Chew on that!

Isaac Grant says:

Cannon is the motherfucking king!!

John Peterson says:

The nanny state intellectuals are at it again with their attempts at social and economic engineering. This is why we have a Constitutional republic. When she says the majority have decided its a right, so it is, she’s wrong. Any law which takes from one person to give to another is tyranny, socialism, and theft, period. No amount of nanny statist appeal to emotion does anything to change this basic fact.

Liberty Doc says:

All men are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, Property, the pursuit of Happiness, a home, healthcare, a doctor on call for them 24/7, a nice pension, education, a job–actually a really good high paying job, flood insurance, transportaion, roads, eyeglasses and birthcontrol.

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