Lessons from Other Countries with National Healthcare

Lessons from Other Countries with National Healthcare

Full video from Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates available at: http://fora.tv/2014/01/15/Obamacare_Is_Now_Beyond_Rescue Columnists Megan McArdle, Jonathan C…



Tim Austin says:

Oh hardy har, let’s all laugh at Brits teeth,… Dentistry in Britain is
largely a private concern. It is not a matter of life and death. The NHS is
to protect your general health, beyond the cosmetic – a job that it is
very, very good at.

LibertyDownUnder says:

Such a clear, principled question presented to 4 IDIOTS who can’t give a
clear answer, trying to deflect to ridicule & unrelated anecdotes instead.
All western healthcare systems are suffering due to one key factor, central
Taking away responsibility from individuals & doctors and passing it to
Government departments / private insurance companies causes spiraling
costs, waste, shortages, queues and dependency.

DerBlitzStag says:

Does no-one in America know that dentistry is entirely private in the
United Kingdom? It’s only free for kids.

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