In Full: Obama Health Care Address

In Full: Obama Health Care Address

During a special full-length primetime broadcast, President Barack Obama addressed the U.S. Congress in order to tackle concerns over the ongoing legislation…



John Smith says:

What is the maximum income I need to make to get free Obamacare? I need to adjust my income so I qualify for all the free democrat goodies! We need as many people to lean on the system as possible so that it will fail sooner.

Dean Deen says:

If you are a middle-class American citizen an voted for Obama……you just voted for the wrong candidate. Obamacare is on the way…and You are about to get SCREWED!!

Dean Deen says:

No..they made an uninformed decision.

pivoentuzijasta says:

yeah if i dont have health insurance i get fined 1700 dollars at the end of the year….exactley why i went straight down town and got mother fucking medicaide.

If i cant afford health insurance, im sure not going to be charged for being broke. Nigga i got bills to pay and if i cant go to a hospital its my fucking priority…..

Oh yeah and i have a job so dont say shit about being system drainer…you can thank the mexicans for that shit assholes.

Thecarguy1991 says:

My favorite part is 21:40.

JordanClunn says:

Congratulations on your Belgian heritage. When you move to America, you will realize how terrible it is.

uktokers says:

I’m from the UK where we have the National Health Service (NHS) which means EVERYONE gets treatment even if they are poor. I’m so proud that we look after everyone, regardless of wealth! In this day and age, people shouldn’t die because they can’t afford treatment, not in a developed country!!!

TheTeenmarketer says:

The real question is who’s going to benefit from this Health plan? No its not you. its going to be the Health Insurance Companies because once this bill is signed and approved you and everyone around you is going to be “FORCED” to paying another “TAX” and that is were the Health Insurance Profits from everyone because why would they want to do this if it wouldn’t be profitable? They are going to be making far more money then they spend on your medical bills. If they don’t they will raise the tax

Coreez Emayel says:

It’s 2013. We are an intelligent, technical, and civilized society. We should have the right to live safely; unconsciously, suspended in a static, catatonic, dream state, being tube-fed a balanced nutrient gel that’s sustainably recycled from processes gel waste. But partisan bickering and punditry continues to delay progress toward meaningful reform.

ninjacheckmate says:

Sounds like a plan, then I would be away from humanity forever.

Jecsennnahhh says:

I agree. You should get sick and die for humanities sake.

kmml1972 says:

if obama is a socialist so was roosevelt.. reform was necessary..Godbless america..

Ariane Michelle says:

4 more years for OBAMA/BIDEN! the american’s have made a great decision!

Mike Triptow says:

you know what I mean!

Mike Triptow says:

I thank you for those democrats who voted for this bill years ago, knowing it would be the end of there jobs in there states for such a cause. It was 100% Republicans against it because he Obama is black and Democrat and it was less than 100% to vote for Obama care because they knew they might or would lose there jobs. Thank you so much for losing your jobs in your states by voting for the right cause Democrats. I know you did not want to, but I thank you for saving the lives of millions.

Mike Triptow says:

Obama just wants to make this place a better humane place based on his life experiences in his life. He knows what is up in life and what is right and wrong.

Mike Triptow says:

I wanted to address the issue of Republican type videos, other than this one, (because I cannot address my own words on their videos that try to hurt the administration in place today) That some Republicans now do not allow you to leave comments on there videos to the public as I am now telling you. They want you to watch the video and leave your freedom of speech out. Pay attention to those that allow others to speak and those that do not.

ninjacheckmate says:

4 million? I heard it was 3 trillion!!

ninjacheckmate says:

I can’t relate to how Americans are so concerned about health care. If you were healthy, you wouldn’t be worried. A large percentage of this country is lazy and overweight like southern barbeque hogs. If you have some disease and can’t afford health insurance then you need to get sick die. Everyone is out for themselves and the almighty dollar anyway.

Me Mike says:

The ICan Benefit Group works to improve the

lives of everyday Americans who can’t afford,

or can’t qualify for, medical coverage.

Call 877-255-2478 press 1

William LaSalle says:

Vote Obama, all our Senators and all our Represenatives out, hopefully they will take Hillary Clinton with them when they go.

We do not want the United States to become a socialist nation or a dictatorship.

Ignore the liberal media, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and Obama, they all lie.

J6R92 says:

ended the war in Iraq. That is one of many promises he kept.

ElephantRep says:

Fool. Are you really saying this? Obama is CUTTING healthcare and is consistently adding debt to our nation. He has added over 4 million dollars in debt. He says he will turn this country around, but he never did. Can you name at least 1 promise he kept? I am so tired of seeing a bunch of immature people wanting to have all the freedom to themselves. Guys, Romney loves you, he wants to help you lower, middle, and high class citizens all at the same time! So pls, do not hate on him. Please.

james aurther says:

Listen Obama’s speech and compare with Romney’s !! What do you see??? Romney has no damn guts to run our country!! He is just a bloody bastard trying to make rich folks more richer!!! I am a middle class American citizen and i am already insured but i still support Obama Care because we are here in this earth temporarily and we ain’t got nothing to take with us!!! Republicans are selfish Motherfuckers!!! They look only for themselves!!!! Fuck them!!!!!!!

Frank Vanyuscsak says:

Fuck you republicans, you got slammed and you know it!!!

RzVids says:

Why is their economic problems? Doesn’t the CIA or Government institute new money every year or something?

Tinymoezzy says:

considering that most people vote with their wallets… it is easy to see how it would fail.

bighands69 says:

How I see it playing out is Obama will get re-elected and he will then make a pigs ear of things and that will in turn make the public aware of the mess the US is in.

This in turn will spur a revival in republicanism and we will see the rise again of Libertarianism.

There will be other factor that will play as well such as the rise of China that will kick start America into manufacturing again only it will be high tech industries. based on AI and nano-tech and youth training.

bighands69 says:

The Reason I would not blame Obama too much is the fact he has not real done anything yet he would like to bring the US into line the European socialism of countries thank goodness he has not done this yet. But he will try.

The real danger with Obama is that if he is re-elected he will try and push through as much socialism as he can.

bighands69 says:

Ron Paul has done a great job of educating people about the concepts of Libertarianism and he has made new generations aware of the constitution as well.

But I am sure he is aware that he would not make it as president due to the whole two party system being corporate controlled.

I would not slate Obama too much I would not really blame him for the economy you could blame him for the handling of the crisis that is all.

Aaron K says:

Your right about just about all the things you said. I hope your wrong about ton Paul not getting it anytime soon. I just don’t get how liberals always talk bad about republicans and say republicans don’t want to admit when they are wrong and so on. But when you point out that ever since Obama has been in office the economy, unemployment and many other things have gotten tremendously worse they try and make excuses. Isn’t that what liberals say republicans supposedly do?

bighands69 says:

Rand Paul is the best chance but it is not going to happen any time soon. Obama will more than likely get in again and that will eventually lead to an economic crisis that will require reactionary politics and that is were Rand will come in but he is going to require backing he cannot do it on his own.

bighands69 says:

Reagan had people behind him and that even included Ron Paul to a point.

The “New Deal” program that was Roosevelt was suppose to have started had the backing of many people in politics.

If Ron Paul was 20 years younger I would say he could do it as the new generation will come up to back him as they are motivated for change. But he is 76 years old.

Rand Paul will have a better chance and it also looks like he understands the political game more than Paul he may annoy a few followers.

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