Healthcare Is Not A Constitutional Right Damit

Healthcare Is Not A Constitutional Right Damit

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wclac says:

Obamacare is extortion! The Obama administration and the government are beyond organized crime.

armand011 says:

is the entire bill is being placed at the door the tax payer, yet those same tax payers overwhelmingly did not vote for such a thing. Whereas all who don’t pay tax, voted for it. Who is deemed to be more entitled – you understand?

armand011 says:

They clearly do already have a semblance of a “free” health care system in the USA (we pay here for prescribed medicine here just as much as they do there), but the real issue is whether the state ought to act as the “moral guardian” in forcing people ‘to look after their neighbor’, i.e. cover all their expenses for no good reason other than for an imposed doctrine of charity? If the government had an alternative way of getting revenue for funding now there would not be a problem, but the fact

wolfengheist says:

If Healthcare is a “human right” then so is food. Actually FOOD is more important than healthcare. So using this so called logic if FOOD is a human right then I should be able to ROB supermarkets and claim it’s a human right.

telefunctional says:

By private insurance corporations? I don’t think so when we already have Medicaid. Two opposing flames burning the candle from both ends. And a legal requirement to pay premiums of inflated prices for low income people? Socialist healthcare is just what it sounds like. !/2 the care and a longer waiting list of providers! You stay where you are…you sound happy being a lemming. The cliff is right over the hill!

telefunctional says:

‘God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well.’—Voltaire. ***The gift of having each other and knowing the path of all of our fellow Americans compels us to take care of each other by ourselves. The current system is NOT broke so we don’t have to fix it. Everybody can go to Welfare and get Medicaid. All the government has to do is make arrangements to accept low income affordable health care to Medicaid. What’s with the ‘required’ insurance coverage?

Stewart Nicol as BILLY CONNOLLY says:

Speaking as a 100% supporter of the NHS in UK you guys are so used to the idea of corporations making profit from the sick, elderly, newborns and everyone else. Europe has not got rid of Healthcare. Europe never did have healthcare like the NHS. Try it, what have you got to lose?

cbdawgpound says:

the real question is, what’s not wrong with jews?

Faye Hallingquest says:

Yes! exactly.

streghewitch77 says:

I KNOW what they’re doin to food/water. HEALTHCARE IS NOT THE ANSWER!! Takin out the murderers iz the strayegy that’ll work! We can do like iceland&throw em out WITH THEIR DEBT!! Go back to the republic!I just don’t understand why people rationalize their cowardice by saying givin up freedom of ANY KIND is good for pple so you’ll all do it cuz I SAY! Screw u! I’m grown!

streghewitch77 says:

droptop 100 you’re friggin kidding right? Healthcare isn’t a constitutional right! And for the evolutionary level of intelegence&stunded social awareness,our founders did a DAMN GOOD JOB.Better than the corporatocracy that runs shit now!They were smart enough to set up a REPUBLIC NOT DEMOCRACY=where the 51%Decide EVERYTHING&49% are just screwed!We need to turn BACK to the constitution. DON’T LIKE IT….LEAVE! UR screwin up the genepool ya robot!

virgil432 says:

Well that is you, this is me, and the US Constitution wasn’t constructed so someone like you could support a coercive government that forces someone like me to pay into something I don’t want. You know what I do to help people? I help them. I don’t go to government and say I want to pay you and you force others to do what I think is right.

droptop100 says:

im not sick im not speaking for just me im talking bout everybody conspiracy theory my ass you don’t see the commercials on tv you don’t google the ingredients in the food you eat and see how they effect your body. and I pay taxes and wouldn’t mind if my neighbor lived an extra 20yrs because I gave an extra 5 cents out my pay check

Slimecicle says:

What’s wrong with jews?

virgil432 says:

Why should I have to pay for you getting sick? Take it up with the people making you sick. But don’t involve me in your conspiracy theories.

Dacano56 says:

You are a fake – a closet obama loving racist!

droptop100 says:

I don’t know the politics behind obamas health care but hes only correcting the mistakes of the so called forefathers of America made why wouldn’t you want the government to help with fixing our health when they are the ones making us sick with the juiced up food fluoride in the water killing the ozone layer. im not an Obama supporter but I do feel the government has to fix what they broke

droptop100 says:

your crazy the government and big corporations pump out so much toxic shit into the environment why shouldn’t they pay for all the people they are making sick

Stank Toe says:

This guy sounds like a disciple of Dr James Manning. Good stuff. Keep preaching!

nintynine waystodie says:

And dispite what Obamas Lap Dogs in the injustice Dpt. say, freedom of choice IS taken away from Obamacare because you can’t chose your doctor anymore and not to mention they went against the magority and forced it on us anyway. Fuck Obama(Don’t)care.

virgil432 says:

I say otherwise and I dare you to slap this free man upside my head

322skull says:

False Flag…. Next…???

Tess Peters says:

Huh? You know, I dont usually comment on people who cant speak/write or has horrible grammar (cause I am far from perfect) but Pooooooooop kaka .. you need to go to school and take up English composition and grammar…….lol Is that ghetto english you’re speaking?

Tony Hilderman says:

C’mon ya Yank’s take your BUCKLEY’s and ENJOY IT. Bunch of greedy piglits.

poOpy42O says:

yous is to anal for me homie… no shit brAhhh you mean healthy ppl can die to….ummmm the women thing makes no correlation to me, what i am saying (is like) – TO all fat slobs, take care of yourself and you wont need as much health care you fukn stupid ass tessticle sucker…

Jon Hunter says:

Were I live if you have a high school education you can get a decent job with health insurance plus if they would do some tort reform it would help with some ins cost

Jon Hunter says:

You would make a good government regulator of policies

noworries779 says:

not entitled, but enforced to pay

pretorious700 says:

I would love to email this vid directly to Obama

Tess Peters says:

The Obama Administration would rather block WWII veterans from visiting their memorial, than delay the disastrous health care law. This is a sign of betrayal……(( I am gonna be sick ))…. Police arrest Veterans in NYC —> infowars—–dot—–com/police-arrest-veterans-at-nyc-memorial/

CliveGains80s says:

i think it’s done on purpose to get girls to have 10 babies with different fathers.

Wendy O says:

Obamacare and Your Freedom
Obamacare Summed Up in One Sentence

cbdawgpound says:

obamacare = pure communist jew garbage

Tess Peters says:

Not true at all….Some people can be the healthiest people around and one day poof – died of a heart attack………….what YOU are saying (is like) — To all Women — get yourself gorgeous and hot and be good to your man in every way,, and he will never cheat on you……….Yeah right !!!

Kylie Crowe says:

Brother, everyday I find fascination in your videos. Keep speaking the common sense. You deserve stardom. Look into the right to travel and make a video on your research, please!

sunflowerseedsyummy says:


SHOCK VIDEO: College Students Blame Obama, Dems For Shutdown
By 68Truthseeker


james clark says:

To much like right! Rock steady! Drive on! Tell it like it is!

captcaveman4201 says:

The solution to this problem is ez. You issue your citizens a card that says their name age and other relevant medical info. Then you say to your citizens go to whatever medical office you want to go to. The offices doing what they are supposed to be doing will profit. The ones pulling a scam will be exposed.

t rae says:

People are hypocondreacks

MrDioXIII says:

Obama is trying to implement a system which has been gotten rid of in the majority of Europe, they know it doesn’t work as well as people like to think it does.

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