Hacked Hacked hacked by unknown hackers, discovered by anonymous kefir skeptic and fellow office staff. On the surface, it seems like just cosmetic changes …



Alex Patcas says:

or you can check your host file… and maybe stop bsing.

But wish someone did do that.

gqpadillac says:

lol nice prank

as someone already stated, the host files on those two computers were
obviously altered to display a page that you yourselves created which
wasn’t actually visible to anyone else in the world

wouldn’t surprise me if they DO get hacked eventually, especially
considering all of this talk of SQL injection attacks, but this is
definitely fake

Sherry Reynolds says:

pretty low level spoof. the page doesn’t load that fast to start with

pplholdthepower says: has been hacked! You’ve got to see what they did to the home
page picture and headline to believe it.

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