Gov. Christie gets into heated healthcare exchange

Gov. Christie gets into heated healthcare exchange

During a town hall event, Gov. Chris Christie got into a heated exchange with an audience member over healthcare.



Danny Kroll says:

Well FAT BOY doesn’t fool nobody with this STAGED; “I’m against Obama Care”
act, when the whole time this RINO(Republican In Name Only) was sucking
off home boy the minute Obama’s plane hit the ground. This PIG, never spoke
against what he called the “Affordable Care Act”, he claimed that he wasn’t
too familiar with the whole concept. It was all about Sandy money and now
he is BUSTED misusing FED FUNDS.

Rich White says:
djsidetrakt says:

what happenned to voting? why arent we voting on these issues intead of
just letting the “representatives” do what they want.

itscork says:

The federal government has no business in the healthcare industry OR the
insurance industry. State government doesn’t either, but that’s up to the
constituents of each state.
I don’t want to pay for this clowns program, and I CERTAINLY don’t want to
pay for Obamaclowns program.

Bottom line: You want insurance? BUY insurance. End of story. 

beidlgsicht says:

that blonde behind christie 3:50

FrankV says:

This woman better watch out or the bully will shut down a bridge or
something even worse to get revenge on questioning his royal self.

Martin Rayner says:

What an asshole.

Danny Kroll says:

All these FAKE issues. You always had the right to do, buy or sell what
ever you wanted and still do; as long as it’s legal. Insurance, cars,
houses or what ever. This Nazi Jew is standing there promoting Communism
under the United States Flag. Americans are against the MANDATES, the you
have to(s) or the you better(s) or else. We hate threats, predatory
penalties and unconstitutional enforcements, illegal fines, predatory
loans, instant liens and the MOB IRS. Both parties are saturated with
Zionist and Communist that are ripping our way of life apart and letting
the queers run wild. Obama care is the very first step to our generation’s
enslavement. Besides a rent or mortgage to pay; we will be forced to buy
GOV’T INSURANCE or face the IRS. As of now the IRS is stating no jail time
for penalties for not buying insurance, but know this…the same clowns who
OWN shares in the IRS also own those private prisons, the banks that hold
your accounts and pay to lobby for DEBT prisons to insure your cage. Debt
prisons are already up and running in some states. Wake up people! Tea
Party! It’s about FREEDOM not race, not gender. Turn it around or really
regret it in 5 years when they start connecting everything to your driver’s
license. Throw those i-phones, hi-tech bullshit phones away..what you say
today will indict you years later on, on another day.

beidlgsicht says:

3:50 that blonde behind christie

Joseph Chiappetta says:

Wow a lady with an agenda and false facts, I am so shocked she is for
obamacare lol

Joe Spicer says:

hahaha …awesome

Lee Ntantu says:

Fat Christy is going to retaliate by blocking off this woman’s driveway.
She won’t be able to drive out of her house for weeks. 

Aaron Swenson says:

As right as he may be… He is a bully and that is the reason he will never
be the POTUS..

Etienne Carr says:

And this is the guy that they want as President? My God!!

Chris Verrico says:

Love this guy 

gz1234z says:

Now Chrissie Christie is against Obamacare??? Right. He was silent when
many Governors were fighting to defeat it. He did expand Medicaid, which is
an extension of Obamacare. From this exchange, criticizing Obamacare it
seems Christie still has aspirations to run for president. This country
does not need this RINO to run for president.

Mike O says:


John Whiteside II says:

All he did was dodge the question. She was concerned about the exchange not
Medicaid. People actually want this guy as president?

CaptainEO420 says:


Scarlett O'hara says:

Every person running for office better get use to the Soro and OFA paid
community agitators. They get paid to disrupt, confuse, and annoy
Americans. I would bet you my house that “bossy” woman would refuse to
admit Obama is a liar. Ask her. Did Obama lie to you about being able to
keep your insurance and your doctor? She would say No.

Getsometwo says:

I am sorry, unlike Obummer voters I am not a Marxist. I can invest for my
own retirement, pick my own Doctor, pick the school I send my kid to,
negotiate my own working contracts. I need a Government unlike Democrats
who need a Gov. Nanny.

J Scott Upton says:

In a free country people are free NOT to buy health insurance if that is
what they want to do. Obviously America is no longer a free country. One
BIG reason health care is so expensive is what economists call “3rd party
payers”. If you wanted to go to a restaurant but someone else was paying
for the meal with money they got from a 3rd person both you and the payer
don’t even know would you care about cost? No. You would go for steak and

Adam Wingate says:

Notice all the people calling Christie an asshole on this page is Black!
Keep sticking up for your BRO in office. Keep steeling from the HARD
WORKING people so you can stay home and eat candy and chips with your food
stamps. IF hes such an asshole then get off your LAZY asses and pay for

Elizabeth Faraone says:

look … you right wingers HAVE GOT TO STOP BEING GREEDY BULLIES …
beautiful creatures are becoming extinct, beautiful people are dying and
the earth is at risk for death … so jump on board the peace train …

Kerkopes says:

Must be difficult for him to buy pants off-the-rack.

zoomzilla67 says:

Here is how this will go down. Right leaning people will defend Christie,
Left leaning people will defend the lady with the papers. Rinse, repeat.

anza ramushweu says:

This guy s**k 

urweetoddid says:

He’s an a-hole because he used facts to dismantle her argument.

ElKaBaEl says:


Gordon Bradley says:

More sabotage from fat boy !

A Cyr says:

Fat bastard needs an attitude adjustment. He asked who brought politics
into it; seriously? Christie referenced Obamacare, vs the ACA, that would
be politics fat bastard. 

nat x says:

New Jersey voted to make this asshole Governor again, and now they have to
deal with the consequences. 

Lee Ntantu says:

This guy is an asshole. 

Sol Darren says:

Christie is a flatulating gastropod. Arrogant and phony, what a
combination, Oh and a corrupt power-hungry liar, What more could a state
want in a governor ?

GilbertoTX..................MK7: 48.2K VR says:

Christe sucks so does Obama

Despiser Despised says:

With Republicans like this who needs the Democrats…

rrmcchongrrmc says:

Wow…she even LOOKS like a ugly liberal !!!

leatherhampsterbutt says:

Liberal cunt needs to sit down and shut the fuck up.

John Lloyd Scharf says:

Christie does not need to convince the vast majority of US citizens that
Obamacare does not work, now. It was supposed to increase the number
covered and it has cost more the loss of their coverage than who gained
coverage. It was supposed to make coverage more affordable and it has made
it more expensive because we have to pay more out of pocket rather than
have the insurance cover it. If New Jersey is anything like Oregon, they
have been fraudulently abused by the Obamacare made law by the Democrats. 

Dan Kai says:

He not only writes the budget but I think he ate it too.

Ronald Williams says:

He’s a supreme asshole!

Flarty Bartfast says:


thetruthis9 says:

+itscork sooo it’s cool for you to pay for the government to go overseas
and wage endless war and give welfare to billion dollar multinational
buuuut it’s not cool for you to pay for basic health care for your fellow
oh ok, i get it now…

brandon wells says:

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