Congressman Mike Rogers’ opening statement on Health Care reform in Washington D.C.

Congressman Mike Rogers’ opening statement on Health Care reform in Washington D.C.

Congressman Rogers’ makes his opening statement on Health Care reform legislation that is under debate in Congress.



Testytester100 says:

Ok ZZ tops. Why don’t you explain why he is so full of shit before you shoot your big bazoo off? I bet you are so full of shyte, the whites or your eyes are brown.

Michael McNamara says:

Daniel Mira could not be more right. Read the plan first before you judge. Socialized medicine is better than this. If you believe a teacher, police officer or fire fighter should be in line in the same clinic as someone receiving welfare you have lost the idea of this country. You are removing incentive.

fastsax1 says:

That’s what I want to know. What is a goat doing running around ?

Jessica Kincaid says:

The thing is – I have health care through my company and it sucks. For those that think that our rights are being taken away because the government is involved, you are wrong. An insurance company ALREADY has the right to tell you no. They ALREADY have the right to say that you can’t have treatment for a given disease. They ALREADY have the right to limit the amount of money that they will spend to save your life. They ALREADY can tell you which doctors that are on your plan.

idesofmarchUNIAEA says:

1:30Obama confiscated my 91 year old aunts 2nd insurance.She has coinsurance from Lucent, and my uncle, who took less in his GE pension so she would have med coverage for her life. As of 01012011 you can NOT have 2 coinsurances with medicare.I hope PA AG Kane gets it back for my aunt.What kind of man would take it from her. Obama should help his own illegal aunt who NEVER contributed.Walsh was right.B O is a LIAR and THIEF.You and congress need to read the federalist papers.The framers knew

biggj41 says:

That’s the stupidest thing I’ve heard yet. If this is to get the freeloaders to pay then why is everyone else’s premiums skyrocketing? Did you forget that it is the government that forces hospitals to take the freeloaders.

Daniel Mira says:

Anyone who buys into a plan that’s thousands of pages long, was copied, bound, distributed and voted on is an idiot! Please read the plan (if you can) then comment..All the numbers don’t add up and, that said, I guess I MUST be a racist OBAMA basher, right? The government is NOT supposed to work this way and the Constitution is being trashed..I fear for MY Country and its children..God help us…g3t ur heads out of ur azzes!!

b1randon12 says:

This guy is bad ass

zzyzxy1 says:


AranScathProductions says:

Of course the entire point of the speech is invalid because of the man who said it.

MasterAsra says:

Mike Rogers is a filthy hypocrite. His entire CISPA stance is motivated by the fact that 10 billion dollars are going to a cyber security firm that his WIFE is the CEO of.

Char Mander says:

Other than the fact that this faggot made CISPA.

Char Mander says:

Do you still like this faggot after he reintroduced CISPA?

debwest121212 says:

I would like to read the complete bill because personally i’m tired of not getting ahead. I work too hard to pay my bills an personally I’m glad this man is speaking out. I pay for all my medical care and am tired of paying for those that don’t. I go to have a blood test and not long after I have people calling be about payment and I haven’t even received the bill. Wow really, so I don’t go to doctors unless its absolutely a must.

Scott Thompson says:

So very true!

Scott Thompson says:

Short memory. In 1993 Bill and Hillary took on the HUGE healthcare insurance mega-corporations and failed to “SELL” it to the public. The point is, corporate leaders making millions of dollars in salary and bonus hire PR firms to lie, cheat and steal to keep things as they are. THEY are the enemy, and it’s not just for Obama to fight, we’ll need everyone to fight this juggernaut. I agree with your first statement.

man1192803 says:


Today he said the ‘red line has been crossed’ in Syria. This means intervention of Syria, which means WWIII. Iran will not stand for an invasion of Syria, just as Russia or China won’t stand for an attack on Iran.

It’s coming girl and boys, be ready.

memorast says:

He starts out with a quote that Lincoln never said, and continues to tell lies.

The Republicans will regret the day they called this thing “Obama Care” It will be as popular as Social Security and Medicare.

j69chevelle says:

What’s with the goat @ 3:35???

General Awesome says:

fulllll ooofff itttt

ericbster says:

Saying that Canadian people have a lower cancer survival rate because of their single payer system is a false equivalency. He just states that they have a lower survival rate and shows no proof as to how it is caused by their healthcare system. Maybe we have better survival rates because we have the government funded National Cancer Institute that leads research, prevention, and treatment.

remraf44 says:

Wow, he has called out these assholes. And exposed what so called loonies have been warning us since BUSH SR. Clintons NAFTA &BUSH Jr’S. 911,TO Barak osamas fake birth cert.all the way into controlling guns,and healthcare,the NWO is here! Just hold tight to your weapons cuz this ride will be rough without them

XelestialDragon says:

Nope, nowhere in that did I say I was a single mom. A country can’t work if everyone is out for themselves.

David G says:

I have something you don’t, so you are entiled to make me help you get it?!? You say you are a single mom. Well I can’t have kids and I should be entiled to have one; you need to give one of yours up so that people like me can have kids.

Diana monier says:

Thank You , Mr. Rogers for speaking out. I work for a non-profit nursinghome in a small village that employs 125-135 hard working individuals. We have been open for 26 years and give excellent care. We have a 4 star record and we provide Medical Insurance to all FT employees paying 70% of their premium. Employee only pays 30%. It is working great to keep our workers healthier. With Obahmacare we won’t be allowed to do this . That is a great loss to all our emplyees. We have two carve out plans.

Drown Likerats says:

So, is all this worth flu-shots and aspirin? But you know if Obummer had been real smart he would have grabbed the K-Y and gotten us Advil !!!

basenjidiva says:


natariw says:

I’m apart of the 85%, the state, and country can afford healthcare for all the citizens. Hell I pay more for the uninsured on my car insurance, insure their ass so I can save money in several ways. He’s got to go f his pretending!

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