Company Fires Man With Cancer, Denies Him Healthcare Over 26 Cents

Company Fires Man With Cancer, Denies Him Healthcare Over 26 Cents

The story of Sergio Branco is testament to the complications surrounding healthcare and the unexpected issues one may encounter. Sergio was diagnosed with ac…



JamieSGourley says:

Privet Companies dont give a fuck about human life all they care about is Profit, so putting them in charge of your health care is just madness. Wake up Americans

MsOneiroi77 says:

Pen pushing fucks karma’s a bitch to whoever thought that rule up

legomovieman2 says:

in the Europe the UK and Canada health care is free its just america

27dragonlover says:

Wow that’s really sad they put money before life

jongleri says:

This is where I personally disagree with capitalism

HumbleDudeDontHate says:

most definitely my friend most definitely

SB9101 says:

FUCK! This is what happens when common sense and invested interest is replaced by law and contracts.

Tissan Young says:

There’s always hope bro.

HumbleDudeDontHate says:

Yeah true, unfortunately a lot of people in this day an age are attracted to evil, it’s a shame to say, well I hope that kid pulls through anyway and things go well for this guy too

Tissan Young says:

Yeah, but at this point in time, I’m pretty sure anybody can show evil.

Primalxbeast says:

Bullshit, corporations own our government and decisions are based on what make the rich more rich regardless of how badly it fucks up the planet or people’s lives. Obscenely rich people get away with crimes that would have anyone else rotting in prison for life and the poor get locked away at the drop of a hat. People with money are treated with respect in our society regardless of how unethically they got it and people who don’t have money aren’t even considered human.

Zollobtheepictoaster says:

jeez stalin, don’t get so harsh. its not like this is a definition of all america

Primalxbeast says:

Capitalism is evil. Nothing other than money matters in shitty society anymore. 

HumbleDudeDontHate says:

I know right and most definitely, oh so what are they trying to say ? if you make the wrong decisions while you’re young you don’t deserve to live? that’s how it comes across simple and plain, I’m British and have been seeing some filthy stuff going on over in America recently how can they be so evil so blatant

Tissan Young says:

Yeah. So what if he didn’t follow doctor’s orders or has gotten into some serious trouble before. It’s not serious enough to keep him from dying, and it sure of hell never will be.

Mr Jay White says:

obama cares.
well, no not in the least, enjoy compulsory dealings with these people while they get protected from having to compete with each other.

T.J. Vliet says:

They will use any technicality they can to SAVE money, they don’t care if they SAVE you.

EverythingMe15 says:


HumbleDudeDontHate says:

It’s horrible it isn’t it,being denied your life because of some mistakes he made that almost every 15 year old kid makes today, he’s 15 for fucks sake he’s got his whole life ahead of him, who says he wont change and become something? where’s his second chance? that’s irrelevant of course but what do these people want,smh

Tissan Young says:

Yeah I read something about that on That really pissed me off too.

HumbleDudeDontHate says:

people are getting more cold hearted by the days, y’all should check the other story of a young boy who was denied a heart transplant because of something to do with low grades and trouble with the police in his past, yeah that sounds pathetic I know, I watched a short clip of it yesterday, disgusting

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