Colin Powell Calls for Universal Healthcare in US

Colin Powell Calls for Universal Healthcare in US

Colin Powell calls for universal healthcare in the U.S. –On the Bonus Show: Romanian Farmville fans claim big bucks in government subsidies, A women’s rig…



Gary Simpson says:

It is not the government’s responsibility to provide quality of life, but
only a means for quality of life.

Blue Point Trading says:

I believe eventually Obamacare will fail. Why? It does nothing to
signficantly bend the healthcare cost curve. US spends 18% of gdp for
healthcare which is way above the average of 10% of other develop
countries. Healthcare is an inelastic service and so long as it is
privatized the costs will simply be too much to sustain. Obama blew it when
he had the chance to start a national health service with the public option
or single payer.

Over the next few years, as for sure the Rep. will one day get power, it
will be repealed and replaced with something that is far less.

WeeklyFalseFlagReport says:

The right left paradigm disappears at the top. Most are neo-liberal

franks2732 says:

Nixon-We need universal healthcare. Public why? Because being a
conservative I believe that providing cheaper better performing products
saving the taxpayer money. By having universal healthcare the total
benefits to the community and business will drive investment and secure our
future. Modern GOP-It’s all about freedumb.

ETericET says:

How dare he. He will burn in hell for that. Everyone knows Jesus tough us
to pull up our bootstraps and not to help the sick and hungry. If they are
too lazy to get a good CEO job that’s there tough luck and should die and
burn in hell for it. It’ is easier for a rich man to enter heaven then to
pass a camel threw the eye of a needle and poor people are NOT welcome in
heaven. <-- sarcasm ... I needed to point that out because some of you out there aren't clever enough to recognize that fact. 

Polydynamix says:

Universal healthcare?! That would actually make obamacare work, in fact…
it would make obamacare NOT obamacare.

Never. Going. To. Happen.

mistert800 says:

It’s a shame his support for universal healthcare is overshadowed by his
role in the WMD fiasco. He’s tainted and not really doing the cause any
favours by associating himself with it.

Aesithair Runekafi says:

A republican does not start making sense until he leaves political office.
Then he sounds like a liberal.

TheQualityrkc says:

I don’t want to see this war criminal for the rest of my life and I don’t
care what he says. He has been proven that his opinions are for sale. Fuck
Colin Powell.

Asher8328 says:

I’ve never heard a Republican from the national stage call for Universal
Healthcare, which is too bad. At best his comments will be ignored by the
party; at worst, they will be mocked and ridiculed.

RA Brown says:

The right was quick to call Chief Justice John Roberts a “traitor” when he
voted in favor of the ACA (even though he offered a different opinion from
the other Justices favoring the ACA).

Jay Luna says:

LOL!!! David you’re a Communist!! That’s hilarious. You and Louis are
far from communist!!!

TRENCH Lara says:


bordy217 says:

Colin Powell is a COMMIE!!!!

TheDeadinside1 says:

Colin Powell 2016 if he is still alive

Deez Nuts says:

Honestly we aren’t far from technically having a “universal healthcare
system”. It is going to take millions more uninsured signing up to avoid
the mandate and much greater cooperation from the red States with regards
to Medicaid but with just a few tweaks Obamacare could be a “universal
healthcare system”….Not a great one, not one projected to be terribly
efficient by any means, but “universal” none the less.

bigcomcast says:

General Powell comes from a organization where the health system works
really well and is free to the members of the greatest military in the
world.I guess its hard for him to see some of the better parts of what is
basically the best run health care system in the world being ignored by the
country he protected so long.

TheRhinehart86 says:

Colin Powell was the only member of the Gang of Six (Bush, Powell, Rice,
Rumsfeld, Cheney, Ashcroft) who had the decency to resign. Who knows, maybe
he could have been a better first black president.

blahmeblahblahblah says:

Powell wants universal healthcare in the US?

BURN HIM! HE’S A WITCH!!! (Okay, a warlock.)

JamiM93 says:

This guy’s views and him saying he’s a republican makes me think of a guy
in my city trying (and failing epically) to run for mayor as a democrat
because his views lined up with what used to be democrat, aka what would
now be considered republican, because he’s stubborn.

Tee Jay says:

Lieberman was only effective if he was elected. Powell’s success was based
on individual merit. Big difference.

ulutirmik says:

Yes mr Powell, you shouldnt have helped start an unjust war with lots of
innocent people dead as a resultat. Yes mr Powell you should keep on try
doing the right thing till the day you move on from this life, maybe, maybe
it would help you to live with your self. Good luck.

youngn420 says:

This is going to anger rightwingers. I bet money they’ll be calling him
all kinds of hideous names, and probably call for his execution. About
half of them will want him hanged from a tree, and the other half will want
him shot.

kronosx7 says:

Doesn’t anyone do the cost benefit analysis to show how much production
we’re losing to sick people? Shouldn’t that be enough to sway the opinions
of these idiots saying we can’t afford it?

ChopperSakura says:

And legalize medical marijuana, that will drive down healthcare cost a lot.
Then everything should work fine. And you guys need to remove money from
politics, corporations corrupt your political system by privatizing things
like food, healthcare, education, etc. A lot of decisions are based on
pleasing the corporations’ profits. Decisions needs to be made by you, not
the rich. Here’s a organization that you can support to do this > 

danielgarrison91 says:

Colin Powell a well respected General and career Army Man. Severed our
country with honor. But as much as I respect Powell he did lie to the U.S
and the United Nations, about Iraq and W.M.D’s. Faulty intellgience or not
he still sold us a lie. Everyone deserves a 2nd chance but I doubt he is
gonna move any die hard Republican. They will oppose anything Obama tries
to do. But at least he is geetting the conversation out there. Look were
commented on it. 😉 . As for Libermen he switched sides cause he was
snubbed the Democractic Nomantion. Politics nothing more. But he was

MrUpperiscope says:

David I find this so funny either you are a member to the
gov/media/cia/mi6/house or windsor/house or the rothschilds/luminattly/the
ackademia/big phrama/big oil/in obamas word wallstreet fat cats/the
millitay industiral complex/themedical industrial complex. Or you believe
all off this kabuki theater

KiddNemi says:

You have to consider that a lot of black people supported Obama just to see
a Black President in the White House – that this particular statement
outweighed all the domestic politics, because for them, this was the
biggest political necessity. It was a game-changer.
Colin Powell decided not to run for President because he believed a black
President would be assassinated – now he sees it is possible.
You got a lot of Conservative black people who now see that they can get a
Black President who appeals to their politics.
So now the Democrats have two options for a novelty President:
1) A Woman
2) A Homosexual
3) A Lesbian – combination of both… who also won’t freak out the males…

Lesbian President… Hillary. :D

Ms80sRocked says:

After that maybe you can finally switch and teach us the “metric system”,
that would be awesome thanks!!

ChopperSakura says:

America, if you truly want to go through the process of giving free
healthcare, don’t make the mistake of covering preventable diseases like we
Canadians have. It will ruin it. Cover everything but preventable things
like obesity, cancer by tobacco, alcohol, dental cavities, and many
preventable cancers.

Preventable diseases take about 1 billion of the 9.5 billion provincial
budget of my province here in Nova Scotia. These preventable things also
cause long wait times and stuffed waiting rooms. Just cover everything but
preventable diseases! 

Ms80sRocked says:

“let’s show the world” ?? LMAO… WOW thanks America !! Maybe next you can
show us how awesome “socialism” is.

sarixeone says:

Nice shirt, Louis!

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