Bill O’Reilly: Universal Healthcare Is Communist

Bill O’Reilly: Universal Healthcare Is Communist

Bill O’Reilly opened his show Tuesday night claiming that Obamacare is just an element of the ideal society liberals have in mind for the U.S.: a socialist s…



MixmanD28 says:

No it isn’t: it’s Socialist, but that doesn’t make it wrong. It’s “bad”
only because it undercuts corporate profits. We have municipal water; not
corporate-owned drinking water. Some things are best kept out of the
for-profit arena and healthcare is one of them.

Sonof Richard says:

What Obama did was this: ruined healthcare for working Americans
(Obamacare though all his followers want to call it the Affordable
Healthcare Act; me, Big Pharma and the Insurance companies get richer
Act); Left people to die in Ben Ghazi (Mrs. Clinton, please don’t even try
to run for future office), spy on the AP, allow the IRS to point out people
in opposition to Obama and his administration, try to trump the rest of the
world and invade Syria, even though they had no proof that al assad had
anything to do with it (forget that the administration gave weapons to the
rebels, 40% who were the same folks (al queda) who were behind 911.) Now,
idiot young kid who thinks he knows everything, shove o’reilly and maher up
your ass because they are media idiots who get paid. Please respond,
because so far, I think you are wet behind the ears and focusing on Bill
O’reilly. How about you focus on the real problem: Government Corruption.
Prove me wrong…And don’t bring Bill into this because I think he is a
right wing idiot too…My point is this : Democrats and Republicans are the
same party. Corporations and their lobbies own them all. Refute this,

George Benyamin says:

Highways are subsidizing meaning that they’re paid for by the state through
seizing the assets of others citizens (taxation) who may or may not use

davidt92 says:

I can’t believe I’m watching a really retarded commentary with a bunch of
retarded commenters, fucking morons 

DrGiGna says:


William Sands says:

the man is an idiot

herby0518 says:

Rubbish only the rich would come ,I doubt you know anything about universal
health care.In my country NZ no one ever goes bankrupt because of health
What countries have ever changed to your system none its medieval.I have
had numerous major surgeries by top surgheoNS PAID BY OUR TAXES >

herby0518 says:

Name the countries in the west that want to change to the US system in fact
Orielly .You cannot .There are none We think you are mad . I do not envy
the US I live in Paradise its called New Zealand

herby0518 says:

Oh dear i live in one of those countries who have universal health coverage
,its terrible no one ever has to go bankrupt to pay for major surgery
.insurance not rip us off even though there is private insurance if
you want it .the vast majority are satisfied with state cover .We also have
the cheapest drugs many times less than what you are chrged for. Its
shocking cos I like our system infactMR o`

playsbba018 says:

Liberals really have no argument for this platform. They say, “Don’t you
want healthcare for everyone. That’s a good thing. Your awful if you don’t
want that.” Which is a statement not an argument. And if there is an
argument in there, its basically a form of manipulation for trying to shame
you into no agreeing with a law that raises some people’s premiums by as
much as 270% and then makes you pay a fine if you don’t buy into this
system. Great job libs.

spiritfired says:


Bruce Leeroy says:

Becauuuuseee, it’s hypocritical.

revolutioneric says:

and what is wrong with that?

revolutioneric says:

healthcare is not a “basic human right”, unless your willing to flip the
bill for it? Are you? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Scott Helft says:

secular talk, when your brain fully develops then you will understand that
using force always has the opposite affect . under Obamacare – average life
expectancy just dropped. sorry


It does militate against our constitution to force people to pay for
someone else’s heath care.Countries where healthcare is “free” have crap
healthcare.Wealthy people living in those countries come to the USA when
they need medical care.People are not denied health care that do not have
health ins.A sick person is better off in the U.S. w/o health ins. than
most other countries w/ govt. ins. I am an ins. agency owner and my health
ins. is up $400 monthly for my family due to Obamacare.

DarkLordofHistory says:

It’s baffling how O’Reilly thinks those things are bad. Everything I heard
in that clip sounded great.

binmantom says:

don’t pay shit in the uk ! £18 national insurance comes out your wages.
Done. Were a Bunch of Communists !

Douglas Richardson says:

In a communist country , the healthcare would be owned by the public , this
is not what the affordable care act is. However one could make the case
that the profit motive for a health insurance company is perverse at best
and does not serve the actual purpose of giving people healthcare. I do not
believe that all industries should be nationalized , i am a capitalist ,
however , i believe in capitalism within reason. Nationalize the heatlhcare
industry and nationalize our oil.

Mundify66 says:

Tide goes in – tide goes out, you can’t explain that – checkmate

Phil Mac says:

Taxation is theft.

brentoneccles says:

Also, person in this video misrepresenting the meaning of ‘anarchist’. UGH.

brentoneccles says:

Wont somebody please tell him that the ACA isn’t universal healthcare and
if you want a word its closer to fascism because it forces people to pay
for a private service. Under universal healthcare you don’t pay premiums.

wheeler1 says:

are taxes robbery? actually, yes! lol but, I get your point.

ROB P says:

When O’Reilly dies I will dance.

Bill O'Reilly says:

3:30 that’s the size of my cock.

Seth Erebos says:

Perfect ending.

Christopher Story says:

It makes them feel less special and priviledged when EVERYBODY has what
they have. And that’s the whole point of the entitlement mentality. They
are entitled to whatever for whatever particular reason, to the exclusion
of a great deal many others. Like I said, with more and more people more
and more equal to them, they feel like special, less privileged.

VJ GP says:

Did Reilly told Bush a communist when the Medicare Part B and D passed????
Of course no..

Christopher Story says:

I like you. Just saying, you’re ideologies are agreeable to me.

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