Atos Healthcare dragoons disabled back to work

Atos Healthcare dragoons disabled back to work

WATCH THE FULL EPISODE HERE: Afshin Rattansi goes underground on how Atos treat the disabled, speaking exclusively to veteran Lab…



ThisIsAParticularyLongUsernameThatIHaveIncludedOnYouTubeForNoApparentReasonIHopeYouHaveANiceDay says:


This morning I went to the bakery and asked for bread *without* the seeds.
Turns out the person gave me bread *with* the seeds. I came to the only
logical conclusion: it was clearly a work from the Zionists and Israel and
the Mossad. They are out to get me. White genocide is in action!
REVOLUTION, people. 

GoodLightKnight says:

The Tories are evil Zionists!

Raymo251 says:

Just another method of depopulation. Seems like they want to tell us when
to live and when to die. If I can’t live free then I would rather die.
Judgment coming soon to all that exalt themselves above Lord God. 

iglwy says:

Tory sick bastards.

sigmas19 says:

jew sa at its finest.They don’t care about nationals.All nationals can
expect are crocodile tears from cameron when a family member mercenary
gets gunned down during the invasion of some foreign land jewK is

rivjim1012 says:

The leaders in this sandbox of of life,Will be destroyed by a God that is
watching thier mistreatment of their fellow man.
Just as parents want the kids to play well in the sandbox.Father God is
about ready to clean up this wickedness on this earth.Everybody better know
who to cry out too!HIS NAME IS JESUS THE SON OF GOD!

GoodLightKnight says:

My Grandparents loved Dennis. He does care about people, hes a good man
unlike all his anti British Zionist paid colleagues!

pheasant beater says:

I posted that i disliked this video,not because i hate it,simply i reminds
me of how so few are doing a good job in govt.I too stand by and only shout
when something bad happens to me.So many sacrifice for others around the
world,i don’t see it happening here enough.Most people follow stupid
celebrities or other diversions,but will happy watch the country be dragged
along on its knees.Atos-how to help save money,to waste somewhere else.

Keith Armstrong says:

The are a number of reasons why people who have had impairments from
childhood are doubly disabled because of historic discrimination. Even the
best segregated schools (special education) had and still have a limited
curriculum. The Department of Education banned disabled students from
chemistry classes in segregated schools. Even today a majority of
universities deny many students access to lectures, some libraries, and
ordinary student accommodation. Without qualifications it is not easy to
get employment for anyone. One has to have quite a high salary to pay for
outdoor powered wheelchairs and private accessible road vehicles that can
take wheelchair users. It is also likely but funding for essential personal
assistants is cut for highly salaried people. So disabled people with
physical impairments are caught between a rock and a hard place.

Disabled people also have limited choices in using transport with often
accessible transport costing more for the user.

The UK Disability Discrimination Act and “part M of the Building Act” has
been weakened and is not properly enforced, resulting in very poor access
for people with physical impairments, access getting into places of
employment. And if you can’t get in to a workplace you are not likely to be
seriously considered for the job.

The government’s use of ATOS ‘tests’ for theoretical jobs are completely
cynical when there are not many real jobs around along with the added
hostility by many employers of the employment of disabled people, specially
those who have long term health issues.

Ian Grainge says:

my girlfriend took her own life after being treated like that !

Levi Manns says:

Excuse me, but flooding ALL & ONLY White countries with MILLIONS of
non-Whites and telling everyone to ‘assimilate’ to create a blended
humanity IS White GENOCIDE.

Africa will still be full of Africans

Asian will still be full of Asians

Only White children will suffer from this insanity

iT’s wHiTe geNOcide!

Except ‘anti-racists’ don’t call it GENOCIDE when it’s done to White
They call it ‘diversity.’

Anti-racist is a code for anti-White.
Diversity is a code for White Genocide.

Rev0lutionIsMyName says:

What is so damned difficult about voucher systems? Why do we always to have
some convoluted system of bureaucratic nonsense? Just redistribute the
wealth and let the people/market decide how to assess their needs, because
every time the government tries to do it for us it just turns into a
steaming pile of shit.

Teddy McNabb says:

labour have had atos since 1998-2010 and they j have just discovered what
atos are in opposition though in power in Glasgow City Council they are
KOOL ! Where was the outrage when under skinners labour there was 300,000
winter deaths of disabled sick and infirm ,in “solidarity” with them
Skinner claimed for his energy bill,no shame politicians !

fluffyfuzzbox says:

good editorial

Michael Zimmermann says:

You’re a slave. You think they care about a slave that’s going to cost them
money and likely never make them a dime again.
Wake up sheep. They have been spoon feeding you an illusion called shit and
telling you its honey. And you believe them. 

trafficone2008 says:

The Nazies Are Back.

Mark edfordef says:

Atos are a souless money making machine, run and staffed by socio-paths,
they dont care if you arent fit for work, they will still deem you fit,
they have to hit quotas or they dont get paid, they are beyond corrupt and
they are encouraged to be that way!

Gordon Bradley says:

Vote Tory ! Join the ” campaign for real poverty ! “

leslie welch says:

Sick bastards if interviewed “do not give your consent” without it they can
not do anything to you

Wh47n0w1517 says:

Atos doesn’t give a toss about anyone..!!!


Can’t get any sound

john ftnwo says:

the people of the world needs no masters its freedom or die its that simple
and to all you people persecuting the poor that means you the people who
like to bullie people councils police bailiffs and government
and of course the the queen for the people lol you will not win your time
is coming
and just like the way the germans are hunted its your turn soon !!!!!

Michelle Bridge says:

my girlfriend took her own life after being treated like that !

Melvinx Williams says:

Once goverments realised they can just print money instead of the economy
generating it they no longer need large populations…i.e the u.s and u.k.

Melvinx Williams says:

This is like the age of retirement,they don’t want anyone getting a state
pension or claiming benefits,unless you got no arm and no legs(if thats
enough?) your not entitled.Folks i know who have mental problems are being
forced to work though they are unemployable due to mental problems. The
whole systems screwed up.

WorksopGimp says:

The descriptors are all that ATOS are interested in, can you pick an A4
paper off the floor, ffs hows that an examination You are disabled but not
disabled enough! DWP words, you are either disabled or not IMO 

Films4You says:

Over 25,000 DEAD look up ATOS KILLS

Films4You says:

25,000 DEAD, how many more must die to give the RICH more cash ????

Gareth Jones says:

ATOS are a bunch of wankers !!!

Michelle Bridge says:

Over 25,000 DEAD look up ATOS KILLS

Darcy Delaproser says:

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