Alan Grayson on the GOP Health Care Plan: “Don’t Get Sick! And if You Do Get Sick, Die Quickly!”‘

Alan Grayson on the GOP Health Care Plan: “Don’t Get Sick!  And if You Do Get Sick, Die Quickly!”‘

This is Rep. Alan Grayson discussing the GOP plan for health care. Part one, don’t get sick. Part two, if you do get sick… Part three, die quickly.



Michael Ahonen says:

What a moronic leftist queer. Not a clue to how the healthcare system works.

evolutionist101 says:

Grayson…..still an idiot.

nintendude60 says:

Wow a quick and easy way to remember a political slogan.. look 400k+ views and 3k+likes. Yes you americans let’s dumb it down to the point where no logical or debate goes on. Just a few simple words to remember and subconsciously you will remember it. Look at how easy this worked. Perfect… All going to plan Mr. Grayson. Never mind the debate or what they are really talking about.. noo make something simple and to the point… no matter truthful or not. They will believe you.

tmotsdaddy says:

This clown has toned down the rhetoric and is finally addressing some issues that both sides can agree upon. Unfortunately , he’s still a shill and supports Oblundercare while challenging the government on other 4th amendment issues.

Honeybooboo Bigelow says:

I think the anal sex part was about HIV/AIDS? Perhaps, it’s so fucking retarded to say such things I thought that might be it. Obviously, a really huge part of all healthcare. Anal fissures and HIV.

Honeybooboo Bigelow says:

perhaps money could be earmarked for these costly anal sex accidents.don’t procreate and fucking die soon, save some tax dollars


So let me get this straight. You think that everyone who has gotten sick is an overeating, drug abusing, anal sex addict? Yes that is definitely an “accurate, unexagerrated fact that you totally didn’t pull out of your ass because you don’t want to help sick people” *Rolls Eyes*

Erik S says:

President Greyson 2016!

BoringFuckingCunt says:

Die quickly, then.

grateAllah says:

this is true… but its not just the republicans that want you 2 “die quickly”… its the insurance companies that want you to pay the premiums, until you do get sick, then die quickly… and the insurance companies fund the campaigns of both republicans and democrates

Bloodyidit says:

yes, you horrible asshole. what the fuck is wrong with you? you have no sympathy for people with drug issues or fat people so your response is to let them rot and suffer? no one WANTS to have drug issues or health issues associated with being fat. if you can look at a suffering person who HASN’T killed anyone and happily enjoy their suffering, you are a monster.

And what’s wrong with alternate sex? do you WANT to make a kid every time you want to have mutual funtimes with your lady friend?

USMCrett says:

You posted; ” This guy thinks the taxpayer should pay for healthcare for someone who gets sick from overewating, drug abuse and anal sex ? ”

Well actually, yes we DO pay for all Republican Representatives and Senators healthcare

Etoyep Rekcah says:

Tax payers pay for people when the end up in the emergence room, and that cost a lot more than preventative medicine you fucking twit.

Mihail Viteazu says:

The world revolution which we will experience will be exclusively our affair and will rest in our hands. This revolution will tighten the Jewish domination over all other people.
– Le Peuple Juif, February 8,1919
We have exterminated the property owners in Russia.We are going to do the same thing in Europe and America
The Jew,December 1925,Zinobit
Here is the jewish plan for America,read this scrib book for free

Kingofprinces85 says:

So let me get this straight. This guy thinks the taxpayer should pay for healthcare for someone who gets sick from overeating, drug abuse and anal sex? Yes that is definatley “necessary and proper” *Rolls Eyes*

Kingofprinces85 says:

The British don’t “govern”, they rule people.

ffxidigitalguyable says:

The one good politician out of Florida. Thank goodness!

LastCynicStanding says:

OH give me a break.
Attacking you???
You …. all rolled up in a ball crying that you were attacked. Yes you are part of the problem. Man up and fill your brain with useful things and quit fucking crying.


Richard Donato says:

He nailed it.

J W says:

I read a great deal, although voting records are not among my interests. It does not follow, however, that I am part of “the problem”, whatever that means. Are you attacking me now because you failed to support your claim? I never meant for this to be personal, I just asked for examples of what you were talking about. If you have read the records yourself as you claim, you ought to be able to provide such examples.

LastCynicStanding says:

It is not like I am hiding anything.
Public voting records are just that.
If you do not read them then you are part of the problem.

J W says:

I do educate myself. That’s not what this is about. When engaging in dialogue it is the responsibility of the person making a claim to support that claim, at least if he wants to be taken serious. So no, I did not use Aristotle to defend anything, because I am not defending anything, I am asking you to. It’s easy to make all sorts of unsubstantiated claims; it’s another thing to make a claim and support it with evidence.

LastCynicStanding says:

So you expect me to hand feed you information?
Frankly I could give a shit. I never expected you or anyone else to spend the time educating themselves. You are just another troll in my ‘What Happened to Murica’ folder.
You seriously just quoted Aristotle to defend your own ignorance. Good job man…. awesome trolling.

J W says:

“He that asserts must also prove.” – Aristotle. It’s convenient to make unsupported claims, but not very compelling.

LastCynicStanding says:

I am serious. Check his public voting record. This guy talks out of both ends.

NellyVlogs89 says:

your life is on the line man :x

TheSWMTeam says:

i fucking got sick
oh shit

J W says:

Examples please.

LastCynicStanding says:

If anyone dares to go through this Grayson guy’s voting record in an attempt to stand up for the fact that you fell for his bullshit then be my guest.

LastCynicStanding says:


His little speeches completely contradict his voting record. He is lying and you could see that if you honestly just spent 10-20 minutes checking in to it.

He is just pandering for votes and it works on most. Thought is all but outlawed already.

LastCynicStanding says:

I noticed all you bleeding heart liberal morons have voted down the only comment that made sense.

I am sorry for hurting your little brains but taking money from lucrative people to breed idiots is not a good idea. The next time you wonder what is wrong with Murica look in the mirror. It is likely you ….. hippie.

LastCynicStanding says:

Also using your schoolyard little punk ass insults in the same sentence as the phrase grow up makes you a dumb troll.
Low on the IQ for troll standards.

LastCynicStanding says:

You are a troll because you keep making stupid little stabs at me in favour of backing up your opinions. This is very trollish indeed. A human would be able to offer an intelligent retort that expressed their opinion.
Face it man. After acceptance comes change.

I was talking about how this guy stages mock Dr. Paul style grillings of Fed members to get votes on the same day he takes my money to breed stupid people.
This obviously went over your head and this angers the troll.

Colonel Panda says:

I’m only a troll if you change the meanings of words. Since we can’t agree that words actually have definitions, there is no point debating anything with you. When you grow up maybe you’ll develop some intellectual integrity and argue in good faith.

Or, more likely, you’ll just remain another low-information kook who listens to talk radio and misuses words like “communist” and “troll”. Seriously, consult a dictionary and grow up a little.

LastCynicStanding says:

You are a troll.
Face it.
You go in my ‘What Happened to Murica’ folder.
Welfare accounts for 12% of the US budget which is 4 times that of education.
I do not watch the news. It is full of trolls. They all argue like high school children as you do and they are about as oblivious to any facts that do not support their fickle argument of the minute.
Go do some research indeed…… Practice what you preach dumbass.

Colonel Panda says:

Troll, another term people just throw around without regard to its actual definition.

He isn’t a communist. He isn’t even a socialist. You just don’t know what you’re talking about, and that isn’t likely to change in the near future.
The “entitlement” programs in America are some of the weakest in the entire world. People complain about welfare, but welfare barely even registers on the federal budget pie chart. Go do some research outside of Fox News so you know what you’re talking about.

LastCynicStanding says:

Regardless of troll semantics I am sick of paying for stupid people to breed. All the entitlement programs this guy passes along completely contradicts this insignificant argument.
He is a Communist. He thinks that he and other liars that can not provide for themselves should decide how to spend my money.

Bullshit. I am sick of how easily these guys smooth talk the simple minded.

Colonel Panda says:

I don’t think you know what communism is. These days the right like to use it as a pejorative for anything they don’t like, but it does have an actual definition.

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